Love the way you lie.

((This one’s for you, MG.  I love you, even if he can’t. *hugs*))

Lie to me.
Tell me you love me
That I’m the reason you’re so happy. 
Buy me gifts for no good reason
Text me all day about nothing

Lie to me. 
Lets make plans. Dinner.  Love. 
Movies, inside jokes, memories. 
Lets laugh until our cheeks hurt
and fuck until I’m sore. 

Lie to me
I beg of you. 
Pretend that it’s just me.
Text me that you miss me, and my voice, and my sex.
Email me a picture of a white sand beach
that we’re never going to see. 
Whisper sweet things into my ear
that you’ve never said
that I’ve never heard. 

Lie to me.
Make me feel like I’m the only one in your life. 
Because when I’m with you, I feel like I am. 
But I know better
Even when you lie to me.

Lie to me.
And I’ll pretend I believe you.
Matter fact, I do believe you. 
Because you love me.  You said so.
And you miss me.  You texted me that much. 
And we make plans to make dinner
And then make love.

Lie to me.  
I’ll be who you need me to be
I’ll be a bad bitch
And a good woman.
Your woman, actually.   
Lie to you?  I don’t have to.
Because I love you. 

Lie to me and tell me that you do too.

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