Hi. My name is…

Alright, who the fuck are you?


What have you done to my friend?

My friend would never stay on the phone with a dude and call him “Stupid” while she giggled. She would also never pull her ear piece out and chat with that same dude over lunch with her girls.  In fact,  this same girl vowed to become a lesbian and now she cant get enough D to save her life. 

This girl who all of a sudden doesn’t mind staying in on a Friday night, or eating out less.  This girl who always seems so godamn chipper.. (have you SEEN her fb posts?  GAG).  This same girl who used to talk shit about EVERYONE just up and got herself singin’ in the rain.   I mean, you LOOK familiar but I swear I have no idea who the fuck…. 

Oh, I know who you are.     Happy.  

Hello, I’m Rachel.  It’s nice to meet you.


  1. sue · March 15, 2011

    LOVE IT…Nice to meet you (happy) Rachel? 😉

    • Raaach · March 15, 2011

      Sue! Although this post isn’t about me, I AM happier than I’ve been in awhile. Hope all is well lovely! =)

      • sue · March 16, 2011

        LOL! Well thanks for going easy on me but I’m obviously MODED! Hahah. Was hoping this post was one of your ‘I’m-talking-about-her-but-really-about-me’ posts. Still LOVE the post. You are a gifted writer…and I’m just a dumb reader! Ha!

        Anyway, I’m glad to hear YOU are treating life well. Hopefully we will cross paths one of these days 😉

        PS-Am happy for your friend too! Haha!

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