Good enough.

“He’s not good enough for me, but he’s good enough for now.” – @LeahMOB

Ain’t that but a bitch.

You know damn well the guy you’ve been seeing is a little too short, a little too poor, a little too lazy, a little too ugly, a little too MUCH.  But yet, you still invest your time and efforts into him.  

 You put up with the 5th grade fighting because the D is so good.  And you deal with the lack of feelings because his arms just go so well around you.  And you let him buy you dinner because you  just don’t want to eat alone.  You even allow him to leave his toothbrush in your bathroom for the simple fact that he wanted to and you’re just too lazy to tell him otherwise. 

And you laugh and you smile and you make plans because… well…  you just do.   Ignoring the glaring neon sign in the back of your head that he’s just NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Sometimes you find yourself 6 years down the line, engaged to someone because he’s the only person who’s asked.  Sometimes, you blink and you’re married with children and a mortgage and 3 cars and 1.5 dogs and you’re still unhappy.   Sometimes, you have yourself convinced that he’s not a waste of time, And that you’re not that stupid.  

But ok.  He’s passes the time, and the lonely.   He’s like your new hobby.   As long as he’s good to you, and as long as you know he’s still not good enough for you….I guess I’ll let Mr. Right Now steal you away for just one more night. 



  1. Phoebe · March 24, 2011

    are you outside my window. you just described my life…perfectly.

  2. Coley · March 30, 2011

    sounds a lot like Pearl Jam- Betterman

    “she lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a better man.”

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