Whatchu Got On?

If you look through the photo library on my iPhone you’ll find a lot of shit.  Pictures of my son, rainbows, sunshine, beaches.  You’ll find pictures of me and my friends, screen shots of funny texts, random Giants fans, and pretty flowers.   Most especially, you’ll find pictures of FOOD, because, well… I’m fat. 

If you looked through the phone of one of my homies like I did recently, you’ll find a whole lotta other shit.    Pictures of shoes, coats, his pit bull and most frequently — bitches in their panties.

Ok.  We’ve all done it at one point in our lives right?  Even if the last person to get a picture of me in my skivvies was Abi, (thanks for shopping with me btw) , we’ve all done it.   Some to our best friends to show off how skinny we gettin, some to our significant others when they’re away on vacation, some to our man when he asks what we’re doing and we’ve just gotten out the shower, and some just to a guy we met on Saturday at the bar.   Ok.

So here poses the question.  When does doing so cross the line between sexy and slutty?   Hi, hello vs ho tendencies?   I took to my phone book and found out.

“It depends.”

Don’t you fucking HATE THAT ANSWER?  It depends on what?  Apparently, it depends on 1) how long y’all have been talking 2) the context of the texting and 3) how thirsty the pose in the picture is.

All of them had the same consensus tho.  The picture can either make or break your image and/or status with them, so choose wisely. There is a difference between the chick your talking to in some brand new Vicki’s Secrets sending you an 823 text while you’re at work, and the broad from the club sending you a full on monkey shot at 3am.  You tell me which one of those girls got bigger ho tendencies.  (And all this coming from the same guys who would NEVER text a pic of their goods to their chicks. Double standards my ASS. PFFFFTTT) 

So, if your’e thinking about sending that text, think twice.  Is it the right picture and for the right man?  I hope so.  Because you wouldn’t want the man you see potential in, looking at you strictly as a good picture and a good fuck.  I’m just sayin. 

And ladies.  Regardless of when or who or where you decide to do so, I only have one thing to ask of you.  Please don’t include your face.  You wouldn’t want YOUR ugly face and panty combo on some random girl’s blog one day would you?  *ahem*


  1. doowaditty · April 13, 2011

    i REALLY, REALLY hope no one knows that person up there lol.

    aaand like i told u, i’d only send it if i trusted the person and we were in some sort of relationship. ‘cuz i’d only feel like a ho if he showed other people. and usually, if the guy actually cares about u he’ll be selfish with that shit and not want anyone seeing it.

    but ur right, RARELY EVER does a dude wanna reciprocate! BOOOOOOOO! then again, i wouldn’t want a pic of a dude spread eagle in his chonies. i rather just have a picture of the D. D’s have no faces anyway, only heads. ba-dum-bump.

    p.s. thanks for the panty shot lmao holla!

  2. gailey · April 13, 2011


  3. shocked · April 15, 2011

    im hoping you know this girl in her underwear because if not, then this is messed up. actually, it’s cyberbullying.

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