Jesus’ welcome back weekend.

My Easter Weekend was filled with Food, Family, and Friends.  

Got dolled up with Abi and Lauren for a fancy schmancy dinner at Roy’s, and then hit the streets of the FiDi.  Had some sissy QT over bellinis and mimosas at Axis Cafe.  Me and the BFF took our boys to the movies and then watched them run amuck at Target.   Had Easter dim sum with the Tan Family and ate my dad outta all the cash in his wallet.  lol.   Went shopping in DTSF and was told by a stranger on the street that I was “Heaven on Earth.” ( he knows his shit! lol)  Had the best. prime. rib. EVER..  so goood I saw O Jesus himself  and can I just say — after 46 days of going without, there is NOTHING like eating a good piece of meat.  (no pun intended.  ok slight pun intended.) 

Hope everyone had as an amazing weekend as I did.  Back on the gym hype TODAY.  Happy Monday! 








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