Funny Feeling.

I’ve seen it way too many times.  My girls just get a funny feeling about the guy they’re dating.   As women, we notice things. Like how he used to text us good night every single night except for the last four nights.   Or like, how he’d call us throughout the day to talk about nothing, when now all he does is text.    Small changes in behavior — even the most miniscule things — we notice.  And when they change, something’s gotta be off. 

Women are psychic, I believe it.   I know a girl who came home early one day on a “hunch” only to find her man not at home like he said he was.    I know another girl who caught her man in a blatant lie about what he was doing because it sounded suspect to begin with.   I know yet another good, strong, intelligent woman who went on a tropical vacation with a man, and despite all of his actions telling her different, she had a funny feeling something was off. 

The thing is, all of these women were right.  They were right about their men acting funny and inherently correct about the motives behind those actions.  

And the kicker?  Is that these women FEEL LIKE THEY’RE CRAZY. With girlfriends like me who laugh at them when they say shit like “he only brushed his teeth for 2 minutes this morning instead of 3. He’s fucking someone else. i I know it!!”…… Ok. Bad example, but they usually sound just as crazy. Their men don’t hesistate to call them crazy either, and sometimes they begin to think that they just might be. 

Until something happens that confirms they were right all along. 

It’s a gut check when you realize that your gut instinct does you right.   What you do after that and how you choose to handle the situation is solely up to you.   But if you can’t sleep at night because of those funny feelings you’ve been getting, its time to stop sleepin’ on em.  They’re probably telling you something very real.


  1. coincidence? · May 4, 2011

    giiiirl! you don’t even know how close this hit home for me. i JUST had this situation happen to me a couple nights ago and i thought i was crazy. been a long time follower and you always write the words i can’t.

  2. May · May 8, 2011

    Can I first say that everything you write about is some what I go through with these past relationship. I absolutely love your blog and how of a good writer you are. I can agree with the girl above. This is exactly on whats happening right now. I notice the smallest things in everything and my bf calls me crazy for “knowing” everything. I was thinking about writing my own blog but when I can upon yours, I got stuck on reading your blog and has been addicted to it ever since (: you make my days go by faster! Keep doing what your doing cause not everyone can. Thank You Rachem!

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