HennesseyBLACK out.

I spent the weekend in LA, clearing my head and killing my liver, soaking up the LA sun, and catching up with friends and feeding my soul the much needed replenishment it needed. Life throwin’ me some teenage mutant ninja lemons right now, and I needed this more than I thought I did.  It’s a beautiful struggle.

Thanks to TK, the HennyBlack ambassador himself, for always taking care of us.  Reunited with MissLawn and it feels SO GOOD and click clacking shots with Charrie, Shannon, Mariane, Vanessa, Anna, and Steph made me complete.  

Good company, good food, GREAT TIMES. I’ll be black!

One comment

  1. krisYEE · May 18, 2011

    looks like a good time! i still wanna mooooove!

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