Umbrella – ella – ella – ey – ey- ey.

Hi.  It’s been awhile.

The break from this blog was much needed.  I’ve been filling my time with happy hours, lunch dates, dinner dates, coffee dates, long hours at Starbucks, movie nights and aim conversations.   I’ve been taking my son on tours of my city, taking tours of other cities, visiting friends, laying out by the pool and doin’ it big.  I’ve been talking about plans… big plans.  

I’ve been doing everything in my power to distract myself from the mutant elephant that is stuck in the cramped studio that is my life.   It’s huge.  It’s here.  And yesterday afternoon I looked at it straight in the face and said Hi.

There are few things in life that cannot be ignored.  One of them, adversity.  Another, is how strong you are against them.  They say you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have.  If that holds true, I’m about to be fuckin’ Hercules.

Because I AM strong, physically, mentally, emotionally. (Either that or I hide my pain very well.  That’s a whole nother blog tho.)   But my corner?  The people on my side?   They’re stronger that I ever hoped to be. 

I’ve never really been one to lean on people… rely on people.   I don’t like to have to do that, but like my girl Charrie told me the other day, “There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the people who want to be there for you.”    


So cheers to everyone in my corner.   Cheers to you, your strength, and your big ass umbrella.  Because I’m not crossing the finish line without you.  

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