It’s only been 2 days and already, I’m failing at this challenge.   Here’s my attempt to play catch up!

#3 – A Book I Love — Besides TWILIGHT,  one of my favorite all times reads has to be The Great Gatsby.   I first read it for an Honors English class in high school, and something about it pulled me in.  I’ve read it again and again, and everytime I do, something different about the book speaks to me.  Maybe it’s my over-analyzation of it, maybe it’s the way I read it, idk.  But, it’s a classic that I fell in love with.

#4 – Bullet my entire day.  Let’s do yesterday since it’s fresh in my head still.

  • Wake up at 8 am
  • Text Abi and company with pictures on my phone from the night before, complete with captions such as “I see you, collarbone” “Who Was that?” and “OMG I did that?” 
  • Make a promise to God to never drunk text again.
  • Wrestle with Adonisaur.  He totally won.
  • Brunch with Abi aka the Night of the Living Dead, Adonis, and Jey
  • Head to fam’s house to hang with Dub and Fam.  Watching my kid play with my friend’s kids trips me the fuck out.   Seriously.  #ImOLD
  • Kime Chee fried rice with Abi aka The Resurrected. 
  • Pizookies and conversation with Team Bastos while Adonisaur “Haduken”s everyone who walks by our table.  lol.
  • Sleepy time. 

#5.   Things I want to say to an Ex.

This is an interesting one.   I’d like to say a lot of things to a lot of people.  1.  Im not mad.  2.  I’m glad you’re doing well.  But most of all, to  you and you and you and YOU….  “Fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool.  Fuck you… I’m out.”  LMAO.



  1. yoshi · May 31, 2011


  2. doowaditty · June 1, 2011

    i like how i’m dead and resurrected in the SAME day. and when adonis asked for isaiah, i died a little. and then i really died when he haduken’d me at bjs.

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