My Views on Mainstream Music

Question #6 on my 30 day Challenge

Fresh off an hour long conversation about music with the homie Jeyel, I thought answering this question would be a piece of cake.

Well… its kind of like baking a cake in tin foil and no oven. 

I no longer have a radio in my car (long story) so listening to the radio is a luxury for me.  I really have no idea what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s played out.  I like what I like, and if its in my iPhone, it’s on repeat.   Not to say I don’t appreciate main stream music in all of its booty droppin, bass knockin, collar poppin, bottle buyin’ glory.  I’m always asking my friends for what’s hot on the radio at the moment. 

So although I appreciate underground, indie, independent music a lot, I don’t have the hatred for mainstream music as I used to (when I wore earthtones and headwraps and big earrings).  Does anyone have summ new for me to listen to?  Send it my way!

One comment

  1. electricbamboo · June 5, 2011

    Once in a while, someone on my list will tweet a recommendation to check out, and two come to mind – Frank Ocean, and Twin Shadow. Frank Ocean is R&B, but Twin Shadow is like Morrissey without wanting to kill yourself. Just thought I’d share, like someone did to me.

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