Welcome to The Matrix

While Abi’s over here telling you about all the fun she has going out, I’m here to tell you all something else.

While I do have loads of fun out with my girls, playing dress up, and dancing the night away, I never realized how TIRING that shit is.  I’m running out of things to wear, I’m tired of wearing makeup, earrings, and all the other shit that turns me from boring to beautiful, and well… I’m getting broke.   

My girls and I hit up a spot in the Marina on Sunday called The Matrix.  It’s safe to say I will never be going there again.  Don’t get me twisted, I had a mufuckin’ BLAST.  Even though it was sweat nation and smelled like a thousand asses in that mufucka, it was as fun as the company I was with (and we ALWAYS have too much fun.)  

Maybe I’m just getting old.  Maybe I’m just getting over it.  Maybe feeling like sweaty sardines just isn’t my thing.  Maybe it was the fact that I had to pretend Abi was my girlfriend the whole night to avoid the plethora of scumbags.  Maybe its because going out is simply a distraction for me, rather than a release.   I’m not sure. Either way,  it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  

And as that guy who looked like The Rock was talking to my girl, and another man was telling my other girl he could make her life  “Paradise,” it became quite clear that the only person who held my attention wasn’t even in the same room.  (Insert drunk text here.) 

So ladies.  We can still dress up, get shit faced, dance the night away and drunk text to our hearts content.  We can still tell strangers we love them and eat disgustingly fried foods at 3 am.   We can still pretend we’re lesbians, tell random people they’re ugly, and take too many (or not enough) pictures. We can go to the game, get wasted at a bar, eat ice cream till 4 am and get up for work the next morning.  I’m down for all of it. But the next time someone suggests going to a place like Matrix, I’m staying my broke, tired, and old ass home. 

Soooo…. who’s up for some drunk karaoke tonight tho?  


  1. yoshi · June 1, 2011

    LMAOOOOOO – i HEAR you mama! why you think i never go out with my girls here? lmaooooo

    • Raaachem · June 1, 2011

      dude i’m sayin. lol. I MISS NY AND YOU!

  2. Queenie · June 1, 2011

    Rach, go to NY this weekend. I’m supposed to meet up with Jess.

  3. isabel marant sale · July 6, 2012

    Rattling nice build and ideal subject material, very little else we’d like : D.

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