Five Pet Peeves

for my 30 day challenge.

1.  I absolutely HATE when someone pats me on the back.  Especially when I go in for the hug.  For some reason, I take it condescendingly. 

2.  French tip toes.  WHY would someone want to look like they don’t cut their toe nails?  i mean, WHY?!?! 

3.  When people I know call me by my whole name.   If we’re cool, call me Rach.  If we’re not, Rachel is fine. 

4.  When dirty clothes make it around, next to, or on top of the hamper.  Never INSIDE the hamper, because THAT would be too much effort.  (Hi, I speak fluent sarcasm.)

5.  Feeling like I’m being ignored.  I once counted the number of green boxes on my text log with someone…. And the conclusion was that I’m just STUPID for texting a brick wall.  I think this might warrant a seperate post.   Forreal-silog.

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