Great Expectations.

You’ve been hearing all about it.  That new restaurant, that new movie, this new track, those new shoes. 

Believe the hype? 

Was it everything they said it would be?  Maybe not.  Maybe more.  It might be everything you never knew you always wanted.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  Then again you MIGHT be cursing your friends and telling yourself you shoulda never listened to anyone in the first place.  Cuz how often does that happen?  

Some people come with baggage.  At my age, thats expected.   Others come with reputations.  At my age, that’s expected too.  Then there are those who come with hype.  The kinda hype that gets you all sorts of excited because if good people have only good things to say about somebody, then it must be true. 

Or not.

Because people are who they are, and you see what they show you.  I know plenty of men — and women, for that matter — who are amazing people, wonderful friends, but are less than awesome significant others.   Contrary to popular belief, relationships aren’t a science and that Playa Hatin’ Degree was printed at Kinko’s.   Who’s to say what’s right for her is what’s right for you?  His hype man, that’s who.  

I’m sure you’ve got a few of your own as well. I know I do and they go by the names of Abi, Tat, Cat, and Queen.   But his hype man is just SO GOOD.   I mean, really he should get paid cuz he makin’ Him out to be Mr. Successful, Mr. Play No Games, Mr. Monogomous, Mr. Caring and Sharing and Loving and Kind and Mr. Right all rolled into one.  And who doesn’t want alla THAT!?

With great expectations comes the risk for great disappointment.  But who’s fault is it for believing the hype anyway?  No one but my own.  So, I’m going to save myself from the impending disappointment.  I’m going to save you from the stress of living up to your rumored reputation.  I’m going to do us both a favor and wipe your slate clean. 

With that said, you can be your own hype man.  I going to expect you to be every bit the person YOU SHOW ME TO BE. 

And I’m tryna be on that “Pleasantly Surprised” Hype.

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