Over $1 oysters and red white and blue margaritas, 9 single people threw questions back and forth at each other regarding the opposite sex.  What happened next was one of the most interesting round table discussions in recent memory.  From hypothetical situations to “What If’s” to that damn 1-10 scale, we broke it all down to a science.

Question: What does it take for a man to be comitted?
Manswer: A lot.
When it’s more about being in the right time than finding the right woman.  The homie Jey said that there isn’t a shortage of good women, current company included. When a man is ready to be a good man, he’ll find a good woman to be good to.  If he’s not ready,  nothing else matters. 

Question: How clear does she have to be for you to know she’s interested?
Manswer: Transparent.
Because women give mixed signals like a motherfucker.  Ren will grab her ankles and jersey turnpike a guy, and then turn around and walk away.  It’s an unwritten rule for a woman to never turn down a drink… but accepting one isn’t an invitation into her bed either. Let it be known.   “The clearest signal would be for her to raise her hand.”  

Question: How long do you wait to have sex with someone? 
Womanswer: That depends.  ”
“It’s completely situational.”  Hahahaha. 

It became completely apparent the differences between men, women, and their logic.  Men are quite cut and dry, black and white.  Women, on the other hand are complicated creatures.  It’s a lot of If-Thens…. ‘Well,  If he’s cute then I’ll give him my number.  If he’s not, then I might just dance with him.”   It was quite the sight to see 4 men look at us in bewilderment as the 5 of us danced around a question.  

The night was more than interesting to say the least, and I think all of us came away with a little more understanding of each other. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  Can’t we all just get along?   Until the next time, I’ll be taking note of all Manswers coming my way. 

Question:  Tits or Ass
Manswer:  Ass – 3  Tits – 0 “This question is so hard.” – 1

One comment

  1. lifeonmyside · July 8, 2011


    like I always say: “women will wait for the right man… men will wait for the right time.” #theuniverseisfoul

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