The Break Up — Part 1

Check out part one of this month’s Hellz story!  And don’t forget to check back every Thursday for the rest.  Enjoy.

If I wasn’t staring at this bunch of asparagus, I wouldn’t miss you right now.  Because when I used to crave asparagus, we would just go down to our favorite joint and get some — chilled asparagus with shrimp and crab and white truffle aioli.  Fancy mayonnaise is what you called it, and I’m thinking about that as I do my grocery shopping.

I’m mad at myself because maybe I wouldn’t miss you at all, if I had just stayed home and ordered Chinese food or pizza.  Because every time I get into my car to do something, I’m reminded of you.  And even after I get to where I’m trying to go and do what it is that I’m trying to do, you somehow find your way back into my brain.   Whenever I sit and start to think, it’s right back to missing you.

Read the rest HERE.

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