Monday, you are a sneaky little shit.

I currently have 42 drafts in my folder.  5 of which were started over the weekend… inspiration stemming here.

WordPress however, decided to have a spasm and I don’t know what happened to my shit.  As of Friday I had 603 published posts, today I only  have 600.  3 of the last 5 drafts are also nowhere to be found. I do not understand.  Wondering if I should completely move over to tumblr….  

Happy hours, dinner dates, driving over the Golden Gate, family time, and alone time have all made for some eye opening conversation lately.  What I have learned is that SPITE is a funny thing.   But the people in your life who are down for you won’t hurt you for the sake of hurting you.   The people who do don’t deserve the satisfaction.  Real Talk.

Pictures from the last few weeks till I figure out what happened to my blog

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