Some people just don’t get it.

You men are hard to break.

So when you tell the woman you’re dating that “She just doesn’t get you,” you might actually be right.

I read Jey’s post about ugly jackets and the women who buy them, and got to thinking.  This woman you’ve been dating for a while doesn’t fully understand you.  Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to, maybe it’s because she’s incapable, or maybe, it’s because you refuse to let her in.

Let’s go through the scenarios:

1) She doesn’t WANT to get you — she is just too into herself.  She knows what she knows, she sees things the way she sees things.  That’s just how she is.   But if she’s playing 21 questions with you, and they’re all about YOU?  My guess is she’s making a genuine effort to get to really know you.  Humor her won’t you, and just tell her the story about that scar on your forehead?  Thank you.

2) She is incapable of knowing who you really are.  Um….. No.

3) You don’t let her in.  More than likely, when she asks you how your day is, you say “fine” instead of telling her how irritated you are with your boss. When your favorite song comes on, you close your eyes and enjoy the sound in silence, rather than scream “Oh my God, this is my cut!”   When you go shopping, you simply cringe at the things she pics out, rather than tell her why you don’t like her choice in clothing.   And when she wants to talk about “feelings” you would simply rather feel her up.

Well of course she doesn’t understand you — you don’t even give her a chance to.  You’re not a mind reader, so why expect her to be?   You can’t expect her to know what you like if you don’t tell her what you like.  Think about that for half a second, then call her and tell her what you like.  Because I promise, she wants to know you as much as she knows herself.  Every woman wants THAT kind of love, and your woman wants that kind of love with you.

Some people just don’t get it.  Give her a fighting chance to get you.


  1. jdotldot · August 23, 2011

    #3’s so on point.

    thats all.

  2. ness · August 28, 2011

    thanks for writing this rach. ❤

  3. RanuJanu · September 10, 2011

    Well put!!!!

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