Moving On.

Admitting you no longer have feelings for someone who clearly has feelings for you is never easy.  Especially when you’re in a loving, committed relationship.  When you’ve taken the extra step to be mutually exclusive, to try together to be something together.

Being afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings comes trough a natural progression.  You care enough to not want to hurt someone because this person and this heart and this soul deserves better than what you can give them.  Like Jozen so eloquently put it, “I want you to stop loving me without hating me.”    That is the compromise of the century.

How do you break someone’s heart with a straight face and then expect them to not hate you?  Or resent you?  How do you do that to a good person who loves you?

Selfish.  So selfish.  But, you kind of HAVE to be selfish.  How many people have stayed in an unhappy relationship?  One without love and without romance and without all the things that make love, love?  That’s dying a slow death and cheating a person out of a love they deserve, and THAT is worse than being selfish.  I always thought it was possible to stay friends with someone after a break-up.  And it is, just not right away.  I get that now.

She’s over you, I promise.  She stopped loving you a long time ago. She just… never expected you to get over her too.

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