Committed to Quit Quitting.

I’ve been doing a lot of quitting lately, a lot of rearranging my life.  I quit an unhappy marriage and unhealthy relationships.  I quit smoking and selling myself short. I quit asking unimportant people for advice.  I also happened to quit my job.

I’ve been talking about it for awhile…. a couple years according to my blog archive.  But, life kind of got in the way.  I got sick, my ex and I split.  There was always an excuse for me to stay stagnant in my complacency.  They pay me well.  I need to pay my bills.  I’ve got responsibilities and obligations.  Things that were always more important than my own happiness.

So I quit.  I quit them all. With no back-up plan, no substantial savings account, and no logical explanation.  I up and quit.    My mom told me yesterday that I’ll never be able to buy a house now.

But I’m not trying to buy a house, I’m trying to afford a dream.  

I’ve got an ego bigger than a salary, and a dream bigger than reality and for once in my life I feel like I have the means to do something amazing, forreal. For once in my life, I have a dream that is tangible, and nothing to hold me back from doing it.

Nothing is guaranteed, and I have no insurance, no benefits, and no steady source of income.  The only thing I have is a vision, and I’m ok with that.  Yes, I am on shaky ground.  But that only means I’ve gotta keep it moving.  I’m committed to me, my dream, my new life.  I am committed to quit quitting, and the commitment feels as solid as a Chevy – like a rock.

“Things are changing now, and I can’t tell where I’ll be from here on out.”


  1. imee · October 5, 2011

    Congrats on letting go of all things that didn’t make u happy and best of wishes on your future endeavors =)

    Though I didn’t quit my job, I also decided to follow my dream even if it’s gonna put me deeper in debt for the next few years. But you know what, that’s okay because what I had to endure prior to this day was far more greater than what I ever thought I could handle. So debt schmet, at least I’m finally doing something for ME.

    Awesome post!

  2. e · October 7, 2011

    It’s been roughly a year since I quit my nine to five. I can say now I was probably overtly optimistic and the road has definitely been a lot bumpier than I could have ever imagined. But, f*ck that. if I had known any of that, I might not have made the leap. So far, it’s been aggravating, frustrating, consuming, thrilling, empowering, and worth every bit of it.

    Raising my glass to you lady, here’s to whatever happens next.

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