Life is Living.

Abi has been reminding me that “If I want to get something I’ve never had, I’ve got to do something I’ve never done.”   So, I’ve been looking to diversify my life as of late.   From the things that I do to the clothes that I wear and the people I choose to surround myself with, my entire life has been chopped, screwed, mixed up, and spit back out into a cultural cornucopia.

I’ve been going outside the box, exploring cities that aren’t my own and discovering things, people, and places that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I’ve lived my entire life n the Bay Area, with a great circle of friends that all share the same ideals and beliefs.  Which is great.  But recently, since embarking on my newest chapter of life, I’ve discovered so much more that I’m mad at myself for not doing this sooner.

5 New Things I didn’t know:

1) I kind of, actually, sort of LIKE Oakland and the East Bay *cringe*.  What?!  Heather is rolling her damn eyes at me right now because I used to sit and bag on her side of the water.  I spent last Saturday on the other side of the bridge enjoying the farmer’s market.  Took my son to ride the steam trains in the Oakland hills, and then enjoyed the food, laughs, music, and dance at Oaktoberfest.  There is life outside of San Francisco that is as rich in culture and diversity as my city, and I didn’t even know.   I’ve also been doing some volunteer work with my friends over at My Own Two Hands in Oakland, and it’s been more than fulfilling to be a part of such a great group who are trying to make a difference all over the Bay Area.

2) Even without a job, I am SO BUSY and have been blessed enough to have the opportunity to help my friends out with their ventures.  I’ve spent a good amount of time at my friend Steph’s brand new vintage clothing store, 31RAX, located in the heart of the Bernal Heights district.   Available at the store are earrings by my lover, Michelle aka Garage Glamorous .   There are other things in the works with my friends who have wandering souls at the moment that I can’t share with you all just yet, but please believe they are coming on in full force.  I’ve got an amazing group of talented, motivated people surrounding me who are all destined for greatness.  Just sit and wait for it…. wait for it…  It’s coming.

3) I don’t have a “Type.”  I know before I’ve said my type has been tall, dark, and handsome.  Ok, maybe short, light and asshole.  But either way, this applies not only to my choice of partner but to everything else as well.  I’ve been making a conscious effort to be open to new things, to exploration, and to the old adage, “There’s a first for everything.”  I’ve met some amazing people along the way, built genuine and organic friendships, and been through experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  My “type” has been thrown out the 76th floor window. Fuck a Jamie Foxx song.

Abi jokingly said that my Lifetime Move Autobiography would look like a United Colors of Benetton ad.  Taste the Rainbow.  LMAO.

4) Ice cream everyday is a-ok.  Oh and cookies too.   That is all.


5) The best things in life are free.  REALLY.   Things like, strolling Dolores Park on a Tuesday with the homie Jeyel, in search of people to film for Reel Street Love.  Things like, having a dance party at Steph’s store with Adonis and 2 of her customers.  Things like, going to my first A’s game and pretending I know how to double dutch.  Things like Skype’n with new friends and having heart to heart conversations with old ones.  Things that I can do now that I’ve given myself the opportunity to.   My life is falling into place because I rearranged my circumstances.  I’ve got a new life because I burned my old one TO THE GROUND.

This right here?  This is living.

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