Mixologi | The Art of Diversity

My good friend Aaron asked me to help him with a project of his that has quite frankly, blown my mind.  Mixologi has officially launched their site today, and I’m warning you all now, it’s going to be big. No, COLOSSAL.  Aaron and friends are headed out to Colombia on Thursday, and since I don’t fit in a suitcase, I’ll be there in spirit through the updates on the blog.  The Art of Diversity in music, events, and all things dope, check back for what these guys got in store for us.  Follow , like, and subscribe if you know what’s good for you.

And of course, yours truly will be contributing a few things here and there. 😉

Mixologi | The Art of Diversity

I would like to introduce you to Mixologi: A new diversity driven social cooperative. We are working hard around the clock to bring our friends and family customized hand crafted events designed to both fulfill and accentuate the Bay Area’s unique network of valued individuals. We have found that there seems to be a void when it comes to authentic events that are diverse, with good folks and good music. Mixologi offers you something even better, how about events that are unique, well thought out, developed with creativity and rooted in inspiration. We see our events as a forum for real folks to not just gather, but network, share ideas and dreams, be exposed to a culture of diversity, and basically just have a whole lot of fucking fun while doing so.

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