Wandering Souls

…Is how I would describe my friends and I at the moment.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by motivated people who, although are part of the 99 percent, have taken it into their hands to create a difference in their own lives.   My friends are becoming entrepreneurs left and right, opening clothing stores, skin studios and barber shops.  My friends are quitting their jobs, voluntarily.  My friends are moving to romantic countries, just because.  My friends are no longer letting someone else dictate the course of their lives.  My friends are pursuing their dreams and in turn, empowering other people to do so.  I don’t know exactly where the shift occurred, but the shift towards forward thinking has caused the earth to shake under my feet, and my soul along with it.

We are wandering souls.  We are explorers of  what is unknown to us,  and believers of our ability.  Most importantly, we are still dreamers. And we are happy.

Not everyone who wanders is lost.


  1. jess · October 25, 2011


  2. anjaeden · October 31, 2011

    return of saturn? anyways i love this piece too because im in the midst of somewhere along there too… been feeling lost for along time now but i do believe “Not everyone who wanders is lost.”


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