Snapshots from Occupy Oakland

via Mixologi

Last night, the world tuned in to watch the events at the Occupy Movement in Oakland.  Below are pictures of the night and a few comments that were shared about the situation.  These speak for themselves.  What are your thoughts?

“(Mayor Jean Quan)’s decision (or non decision) to put this into OPD’s hands has resulted in raids against the people that are neither democratic, civil or just. I’m glad the world is watching…America has blood on its hands and money in its pockets. But are tonight’s events going to be extreme enough to illustrate how the people behind the Occupy movement and the rest of the 99 percent really feel? Unfortunately, I don’t think so.” – Rachel T.

“It still sounds like a war zone outside. Imagine children in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan who no other sound…war. Tonight is not enough. People are going to have to get REALLY uncomfortable to do more than march. It will have to be systematic change, one that erupts and alters our entire foundation in which this country was created on. A change with a 99% thought out strategy….we are just not here. But at least folks are up moving…that is a start.” – Angelica S.

“We all know the bill of rights and the declaration of independence
was created to be a pretty bow to mask the truth. we have no freedom of speech and although we were created equal we are unequal by the power of the government. The protests are bringing awareness and God bless them for standing up for what they believe in and taking the abuse to expose as much hatred those in power really have.” – Tasia Marie

“How are we supposed to respect police at all times when they often don’t show the same respect in return? Not liking what I’m seeing in terms of police force today at the Occupy Oakland and San Francisco movements. ‘In some cases non-violence requires more militancy than violence.’ Cesar Chavez” – Neale C.

Robert James wrote ‘However, the rich in this country pay more taxes than everyone else, combined.‘ This is true. But you ignore the fact that taxes on the rich today during the current economic crisis and lost decade hover around 30%, during the 1990’s they were at 35%, during the 1970s they were at 60%, and during the golden economic years of the American 1950’s and 1960’s the rich had a tax rate of 90%! Correlation undeniable, causation debatable, but people bitchin’ about taxing the rich now suffer from amnesia or ignorance.” – Morgan K.

Photo Credits: Steven Wheeler

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