Pleasantly Surprised

What a roller coaster year it’s been.  I sat at my computer reflecting, read over the blog posts from last December and ran through the lat 12 months of my timeline.  What a difference a year makes, huh?  Life has a funny way of working itself out, and I find myself back at square one.  Not EXACTLY in the same place, and absolutely not in the same state of mind, but… ok scratch that.  I’m nowhere near where I was last December and it feels… different.  lol.  Over the last year, the one thing that has stuck with me the most is that people are who they are – NEVER who you want them to be.   The only way to keep from getting hurt is to accept that from the gate, and stop looking at people through rose colored glasses.  How can you expect people to stay real, when you refuse to see or  accept the real them?  Just some food for thought.

Enjoy some pictures from my recent adventures.  I miss you guys, and this blog.  #1 New Year’s resolution is to continue writing.  =)

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