Better Bad Decisions.

2011 was the year of the bad decision.

Remember the time she text the man she wasn’t supposed to text, only to get no response….which then made her feel bad so she text the other man she wasn’t supposed to text…only to get a response and decide to come over?  Bad decision.  Or the time you cried when the man you were seeing told you he couldn’t see you anymore, and thought the best way to get over him was to get under that OTHER guy you weren’t supposed to be texting… Only to end up crying during face-down-ass-up sex?  Bad decision.  Let’s not forget the time he should have gone home to his girlfriend, but instead entertained the thirsty ho on his lap in front of his girlfriend’s best friend.  Bad decision.  How about when she decided to sleep with him anyway, even after she found out he slept with her, her, her, and her too?  Bad decision.  And instead of hooking up with that nice young man there, you hooked up (again) with “He who shall not be named.” aka The Worst Decision of 2011. Ever.

Yeah I know.  I’ve been there too.  I was there when she called him, when he didn’t call her.  I heard all about it when you woke up in his bed, and I told you every detail the morning he woke up in mine.  I shook the shit outta you, you shook your head at me, we scolded him and told her we understood.  We stood by each other when we were all falling apart, and rotated shoulders when one had too many tears on them.  Sometimes, my ears bled from listening to the same story over and over again.  Sometimes, you knew what I was going to say before I said it.  Other times, we didn’t see it coming.  Every time, we got through it.  Got over it (pfft).  And moved on.

This year?  We all know better.  This year, we won’t make the same mistakes and this year will be even better than the last.

So here’s to 2012.  Here’s to a better you, a better me, and better bad decisions.  Matter fact, heres to flat out good decisions.  Cest la vie.

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