Like You.

<drafted 10.21.10.  finished 05.03.12>

“Girls like you remind me that I’m lonely.”

I see you and your glittery gay FB statuses.  Your 5369974 pictures of ❤ on Instagram.  Your “Love you @babe” Tweet conversations.  Your shiny new diamond.  And I’m so happpy that you’re happy.  I am the first person to nominate myself for bridesmaids, to “Like” the post and to comment on the picture.  You are the reason why I still believe in love.  Love has to be real… Look how ridiculously happy you are.  And I know how absolutely possible falling in love is.  I’ve been there before.  I used to be you. Until I fell in love with a guy like you. 

Guys like you remind me that I’m lonely.

I see you and your handsome ass.  Your “single” relationship status.  Your text messages.  And I’m the first person to comment on your uplifting FB status, or “Like” that picture.  But I take note of all the other girls who do too.  And although I’d love to believe that we may have something, I know better.  Because I know all the signs, and can see through all the half-truths.  I’ve been on the other end of your tricks of the trade. I know better than to get close to a guy like you. But I’m lonely. So I keep falling for guys like you. 

Like you, for instance. 

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