Behind The Times.

Once Upon A Time, a boy met a girl.  This time, I met you.

I told you that first time not to let me get used to you.  Then you started spending all this time with me.  It started out as lunchtime, which then turned into spare time, and in no time, we were part time lovers.

In our downtime, we’d send silly texts and sometimes it was phone calls where we’d lose time in conversation with each other.  Time stamps on text messages became more frequent and lunchtime bled into dinnertime which only ended when it was time to wake up.

Time of my life.

Suddenly, the the only time we weren’t in contact with each other was when we were asleep, but even during sleep time you were in my dream time.  And we found ourselves spending all our time in each other’s company. Even when you were late, we were always on time for each other.  Neither of us were keeping time because that one time, we we said that in due time, we’d have forever.

To pass the time, we’d plan quality time like vacation time and date time.  “What time do I have you till?”  “What time do you want me there?”  “First time for everything.” “I had such a great time.”  At that point in time, nothing else pressed our time but each other.

“No time like the present,” you’d say.  “About time I was happy,” I’d say.

Time out.  

Then one time, we fought for the umpteenth time.  But that time, it was different.  Because I told myself I wouldn’t do it again, and you told me you were done. We both said that this time would be the last time.

So time passed and you’d call me 6 times instead of 10.  At the same time, I’d see you one time in the week instead of five.  And the time we spent apart was more than the time we spent together. More than one time, we’d be saying shit like “Long time no see” , “Time to go” and “Have a good time.”

Time stopped. 

Three minutes since the last time I checked my phone for your imaginary text and three days since the last time we FaceTime’d.  Which one of us would give in this time?  Only time would tell.  Each and every time, it always came in the nick of time..  Cuz you had some free time, or cuz I wanted to spend time. We always said we never had any time, but yet we still made time.  Albiet it was never the same time.. as before.

Funny that we always gave it one more time. Mainly because with each other, we always had a good time.  The time spent with you meant more than my alone time.  So maybe this time would be different, cuz we thought our time had meant something..cuz it did. Sometimes I think that if we had only gave a little more time, we wouldn’t have taken each other or the time we had for granted.

After some time the only time I’d see you was on my timeline and every time we’d try to spend time, we’d always reply “Maybe some other time.” 

Time off. 

There comes a point in time where the countless times of crying and fighting add up.  The time we spent trying to make up for lost time never bridged the gap of the time we spent apart.  After some time, “Sorry” and “I love you” stopped meaning anything cuz we said it too many times. All the time we spent making war when we could have been making love make us want to go back in time to fix it.

Sometimes, it takes too long to realize and within the heartbreak, real time stands still.  Cuz I’m still stuck on that one time you told me you would love me for all time.  You’re still bent on that last time I spent my time elsewhere.  And we both won’t forgive each other for making it a hard time.

And although our time spent together wasn’t a waste of time, we both know that this time, really is the last time.  Better luck next time, I guess.

Time’s up.


  1. Meli · May 8, 2012

    So beautiful.

  2. imee · May 13, 2012

    I cannot wait til you get a book deal because you write BEAUTIFULLY. I loved this post!

  3. lifewithcarynn · October 17, 2012

    Reblogged this on lifewithcarynn and commented:
    So familiar…

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