Game Changer

Willaimsburg Bridge, 5th St Exit please.”

She said to the cab driver, and swallowed the tears she felt coming up her throat.  Verbal vomit, except there was no one to listen to her outside of this cabbie.  She watched the New York City skyline as she made her way into Brooklyn, and she pridefully let one tear fall from her right eye.  That’s all the emotion she let herself feel that day.  That’s all the emotion her broken heart could handle.

What just happened?

She had just had the time of her life in the city that never sleeps.   Too many laughs, too many drinks, too many stories, too many memories… but only one reason she came to New York in the first place — Him.  She walked the cold streets everyday, and kept his bed warm every night.  It was consoling to feel a little bit of normalcy, even if only temporarily. She missed him, and being in his presence, in his brand new city just made her miss him more.

She took what she could get though.  Stolen moments on the rooftop and good morning kisses in bed.  Not once before had she yearned for more than he could give her, until that moment she realized all the things he couldn’t give her three thousand miles away.

So when he kissed her goodbye as he got out of the cab they shared, the weight of the last year quickly made her understand something she had been trying to supress…  She felt it.  She felt Him, in her bones, and in her heart.  She felt the verbal vomit again on the plane ride back to San Francisco, and she let her fingers type everything her heart was feeling.

3,000 miles, 426 words, 5 paragraphs and 2 movies later, she was home. Before she slept that night, she pridefully allowed herself to shed one more tear.  It was all the emotion she let herself feel that day.  It was all the emotion she could handle.

Shit just got real.  Without even knowing it, he just changed the game.

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