“Sharing is Caring”

In kindergarten, one of the fundamental lessons you learn as a child is to share.  You share the things you have with those around you, because well, that’s just what you do.  Selfishness is a trait that is innately within us.  You see it in the toddler walking down the street who grabs the toy that catches his fancy and screams, “Mine!”

Even if that toy was grabbed from another child, the lesson that is taught to both the Taker and the Taken From is 1) you don’t take things that aren’t yours, and 2) you share what you have.

I share my food, my money, my home.  I share my stories, my life lessons, my insights.  I share my advice and my child.  I share smiles, and laughter, and tears.  I share my heart, my time, and my love.

Things have been evolving quickly, and I can say with all the giggly little girl excitement that something that I used to share, is now… well… mine.

I think about how things have changed, and how much they’ve stayed the same.  I think about what I thought I wanted and what I ended up with.  Serendipity that I came looking for one thing and found exactly what I needed.

It’s a funny, fickle thing, the heart.  Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you want it.  Sometimes, you don’t know you’re simply existing until something – or someone – comes along and brings you back to life.  Sometimes, it’s too good to share.  And it’s a beautiful thing when that feeling is not only malignant, but also reciprocated.

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