This Is How You Lose Her.

I received the acclaimed (and apparently, impossible to find) Junot Diaz book, This Is How You Lose Her from the homie Jeyel for my 30th birthday.  I started reading it on a Wednesday and didn’t put it down until I finished.  I only have one thing to say:

I fucking hate this book.

I lie. It’s just that,  I see every relationship, situation, and situationship I’ve been in, seen, and heard about, to a motherfucking T.

“Ana Iris once asked me if I loved him and I told her about the lights in my old home in the capital, how they flickered and you never knew if they would go out or not.  You put down your things and you waited and couldn’t do anything really until the lights decided.  This is how I feel.”

Well damn. Definitely a recommended read.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 4.26.29 PM

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