I drove through the Inner Richmond today and passed right by Chomp. The sight of the street sign caused a flood of memory as I remembered the last time I was there.

I was with my Ace, fresh off a stint in NYC. We were both “working from home” on our first day back at work and neither of us were actually working on our work computers. Pulled pork banh mis, and 2 hell or high watermelons littered the desk as we talked story about how we were feeling.

Confused. Inspired. Motivated. Bold. I had just told a someone special just how special he really was. She decided she needed to be…. Elsewhere. We both took chances that day.

Today? Those chances have taken us clear across the country, to hell and back, and have tested our faith and especially our sanity. Would we have done it differently? Fuck no.

Because even though shit ain’t ideal, we’re working to make it amazing. And of all the feelings we’ve had to endure, the one thing we haven’t had to ask ourselves is, “What if?”

That day seems like a lifetime ago. But that’s the day we decided to make the rest of our lives, the best of our lives.

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