Throwin’ it back… written awhile ago, republished now.  

Life goes on.

I try new things, meet new people, and have new experiences.  And yet I always find myself coming back… this blog. To that memory.  To that place. To my song.

It’s like… gravity.

Because I know every riff of every chord behind every word.  And I know this is a place of no judgement, and I know I can come there whenever I need to without having to ask if its ok.  And I know what your hand feels like holding mine… it feels safe.  And it feels like home.

You see, things happen and life goes on.  New memories are made and new laughs are shared. New lies are told and new promises are broken.  New hopes are dreamed, and old ones get burned to the ground.  Yet, here I am.  Back here writing, telling you how I found myself back there, holding hands, in that one place, humming that one song.

It’s like… gravity.

This, that, you, it pulls me. Back here. Hi.  Hello.  It’s me again.

So those opposites attract like mag-a-nets. 

One comment

  1. J · February 22, 2013

    Rach, love your blog but are you giving up on writing? I know you’ve been in a funk. I really miss your old long insightful posts about life experiences. I just want to know if I should keep checking in weekly for radio silence or cryptic short blogs. Very unsatisfying, especially when you’ve brought me to tears, made me yell at the screen, and forced me to take a look at real issues in my own life.

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