I’m wearing the watch Jason gave me.  It’s Gail’s and it fits perfectly.  I remember the day she got it, we all oogled at our rose gold accessories.  I miss her. 

I’m wearing the hair Charrie gave me.  It’s big and curly, just how I like it.  I’ve worn it this way for almost 5 years and if my hair could talk….. Ohwee. “That’s why her hair’s so big.  It’s full of secrets.” 

I’m wearing the ring Abi gave me.  It’s the right half of a broken heart.  Story of our lives.  Together, they read “Best Freakin Friends”.   Except, I don’t know how we are still friends.  Tiiiiiiiired of her. 

Next to that, I’m wearing the ring Aaron gave me.  It’s a compass, because I always get lost.  It’s broken, but I still wear it.  Maybe that’s why I still can’t find my way.    

I’m holding the clutch Ren let me borrow.  She bought it in Italy… Oh the memories we made in Florence!  So much was happening.  So much change.  So much discovery.  

I’m wearing the scarf Cat gave me.  Well, we do this thing called BFL – Borrow For Life.  Same thing, right?  It’s a cheetah print infinity scarf.  I wrap it around my neck and for a split second, can’t breathe. 

I’m wearing the scar Adonis gave me.  A reminder of the miracle that was his birth, and the pain that was his brother.  It tingles today.  It does that sometimes.  

I’m wearing the shirt Queenie gave me.  San Francisco — the place she moved to, the place I never left.  The city that is so big, and too small.  Full of nothing and everything, and always something for me.   

I’m wearing the necklace I gave myself.  “Big butt and a smile,” it says on the heart-shaped pendant.  Just one in a collection of 10 that I gave as Christmas gifts to my best friends.  All for one – One for all.  

I’m wearing the smile my Mom gave me.  High cheek dimples, and all.  She says it’s my best feature.  I say it’s my best mask. 

I’m wearing the heart my Dad gave me.  On my sleeve, for all to see.  I don’t know how to love any other way, and I won’t want to ever love any less.  He says it’s my best feature.  I agree.  

It’s all mine, and it’s everybody else’s at the same time.  And although it’s not anymore than what I usually wear, today, it just feels too heavy.  

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