idk. why dont i let you tell me what i’m about…


  1. HaolepinoGirl · May 20, 2009

    Okay – you seriously should write a book. I found you from WTF?! and have been following you on twit and this blog for a little while. You are hard to stop reading, especially when i need an escape from work. girl…i’d totally by your book and pimp it out!

    • Raaachem · May 20, 2009

      aww thanks! hopefully i can get my lazy ass up and get it started. lol. keep u guys updated!

  2. YOJI · May 24, 2009

    hey raaachem!, so i ran into your “WTF&WTHELLZ” dont ask me why cause honestly when im faded, i let the fingers do the click’n til i find something interesting to read and relate to. then i saw “boss bizzness” then i was like “OMGWTFBBQ” where has this blog been all those years ive been looking for?
    i was contemplating on giving a feedback since most of your bizzness is with female factors and the random blogs that hit home for me because im a boy. haha yes i said it. God will only know how much you inspire me that i can almost call you “ateh” and yes im filipino too wha-whaat? ha. so anyways hoping you can keep in touch as i would like the most recent newest news from my very own favourite!
    live long and prosper homeskillet

    delete the other, sorry i gave the wrong email

    • Raaachem · May 24, 2009

      Yoji, not even my younger brother calls me ate, but i guess thats fine. but can i just say that im grateful for all my followers, including the boys. hahahah i’m glad u can relate to the randoms. holla!

  3. YOJI · May 25, 2009

    so couple saw that you guys visited van! damn wish i could’ve seen that before hand and got to meet you! possibly an infamous picture too. but oh well. next time you and your friends visit holla! haha

  4. RanuJanu · January 17, 2012

    I am pleased to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out post http://wp.me/p1jneq-zr

  5. SHEELA GOH · September 14, 2012

    Hiya, I wrote to you several times on PoshMark, could you check out my questions when you have a sec? You’ve three pieces which I covet and lust after 🙂 SHEELA

  6. neo maxwell · July 1, 2014

    hiiii……i am very impressed to you because you’ve very high attitude and ithink in this generation it should be in every person and i’am very thankfull of you because i learnt to you how to make a attitude for any person.

  7. Sean Armijo · April 16, 2015

    Hi, Rachel

    Not sure if you allow blog readers to contact you via email but if so, I would love your view on a current situation I’m going through.
    I’ve been keeping up with your blog posts since like 2011 and find myself coming back to your old posts to get a grip on relationships, life, etc. Thank God for writers such as yourself. I apologize in advance for the weirdness.

    Your gayest fan ever,

    Sean A.

  8. Sharon · July 15, 2015

    I hope I’m not too cheesy, but I wanted to thank you for continuing to write. Whenever I’ve felt lost or troubled about something I always find myself here. Reading your latest post because it’s almost as if you knew exactly what I needed to hear (or read). Your writing gives me hope. It moves me, inspires me. You truly have a gift, and I hope you continue to share that with the world.

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