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“Impossible” is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.


and i quote.

“I wanna inform you that you’re secure with me, even I have impurities so even with insecurities, I just wanna see if you’re sure with me. If it’s your past, I got the cure with me. Take the bait and get lured by me, stand by my side and mature with me so together we’ll understand maturity. Through ups and downs, thick and thin, as long as you’re with me, flourishing. I know we’re a foreign thing, but let me explore you so we stay nourishing, this newest thing called you and me.”

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fuck it.

life is one big road with lots of signs. so when youre riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. wake up and live! –bob marley

“having numerous forks in the road with complaints, concerns, catch-22’s, and contradictions make every single thought impossible to communicate and every emotion equally tough to translate. compassion and desire only takes you so far. go one way, objectives automatically make you heartless. the other, well, you would just be lying to yourself. why pretend or assume you have all the answers? because most of the time you don’t. that’s the stressful part, with stress as an obvious understatement. obviously roads are going to cross and that intersection gives you choices which lead to tons more to the eventual laughs and smiles opposite the suicidal tendencies. choose wisely man, because fuck the latter. screaming internally can only take you so far. far enough to forget briefly, but close enough to remember completely. the distance is never walkable, that would be too easy, nor is it ever a distance you can ever run from or to. how often do bad choices resemble good ones or good ones resemble bad ones? c oming from one human to all the rest, i ask nicely…fuck the ultimatums.

all im saying is, grab an alcoholic beverage and drug of choice, chug it down, and do whatever makes your insides say ‘fuck it.'”

and i quote.


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Damn Wale.  Just… DAMN.   

When does hope become desperation?
A lot of women tell themselves that they don’t want a relationship or “anything serious” so much — either because they’ve been hurt, or want the luxury of complaining about how f&*#ed up men are. Believe me, the luxury of being able to complain about something that is in fact true, is a blessing to negative people. And the very people who block their blessings often end up chasing them later. The line between hope and desperation probably gets blurry after college. In my opinion (from a social aspect) people go to college and live carefree.

Affection from the opposite sex is probably the most attainable at this time. That said, commitment isn’t always a priority — so most ni&&as is expendable. But after the show is over, the grades are in, the cap and gowns have been distributed, LIFE BEGINS. And just as the get-a-job faze hits like a ton of bricks, the get-a-significant-other can come just as hard. The fear of a loveless life; the uncertainty of living without passion can be a nightmare, but often a nightmare that is self-induced from years of simply not caring. Desperation leads to settling. – Wale

With passion, a simple touch can be more satisfying then bustin a insignificant nut.

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– Kim K’s look. 

– MysteryGuitarMan.   This guy’s vids are pretty entertaining and his stop motion is on point!  

– these new Ray Ban’s


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 – Panda HATS!   If you aren’t an SF Giant’s fan, then I dont know what to tell u

“Whatever it is, if it doesn’t make you happy, walk away. Give it away to someone else who wants it. Let it be their next dream; let it out of your system. You’re emptying out your limitations when you do that. & then you have room to grow… to allow magnificent things fill the vacuum of those seemingly empty places. Because when you hold onto yesterday… when you hold onto dead & dying adventures, you have no room in your box for greatness.” – Timmayyyyy

We’re going to break up now.

Wow.  I really need to get off Jozen’s nuts.   Reblogged, because Im a little socially and blog-ally retarded right now,  and because he’s a fuckin’ genius. 


Men are never raised to believe they’re capable of being a good man to a woman. This isn’t an excuse for our behavior, as far as I see, this is just a fact of life.

The men I know who don’t want to get into relationships refuse not because they don’t feel like doing it, but because they feel like they can’t. And the ones who do get into relationships, well, the confidence they have to make such a step is fragile.

Maybe even too fragile.

So when a woman is shaking it up with more cries of woe, telling her man he isn’t cut out to be in a relationship, he internalizes that, starts believing it applies to every woman he meets afterward. When a man is doing right, she calls him a man, but when he’s doing wrong, she calls him a boy. If he hears it enough times from a woman — that he’s a boy, that he’s not ready to be a man — he starts believing it, and so he decides to remain single, because he doesn’t need a woman to determine his manhood. On his own two, he’s a man.

Dedicated to no woman in particular, just experiences with many, today’s post is for all the men out there who have ever tried to make it work and got beat up in the process. Let us not cheat. Let us not yell. Let us leave before things get any worse than they already are.

My pride is my best friend and sometimes my worst enemy. The way I have refused to back down from the challenge of being a good man to a woman who no longer believes I’m capable of doing such a thing caused damage I didn’t see until much later.

What happened wasn’t with any one girl in particular, and it isn’t something specific to me. I know a lot of men who have been told they’re not up to par from women who refuse to leave them. She claims to want to work with me, to make me better, but in the process, she’s only making me worse. She calls staying together tough love, and yeah, that’s cute and all, but umm, we’re going to break up now. Tough love to me, is moving on no matter how much it hurts to do so.

I have to conserve my energy because I only have so much of it, and if I give it all to this girl who constantly reminds me I’m falling short of doing the right thing, it would be a shame. We tried that whole break up to make up thing, and frankly, it’s become a  tired routine, so I have a new idea.

Break up to wake up.

We’re going to try that because I think the longer we stay together, the longer we’re sleeping on a person out there who’s more our fit. I’m a good man, but it’s clear to me, I’m not her man.

When did I know this? The other day.

We were arguing and she went on a rant. It was about me (again), a tirade about how I didn’t do this (again), and I didn’t do that (again). I haven’t changed (still), I haven’t grown up (still), I’m the same guy I was before I met her (still).

And all the while I’m thinking: If one of my female friends was talking about her man like this, and she asked me what she should do I’d tell her to leave him.

So we’re going to break up now. I know in doing so, she’s going to challenge me to stay, and probably say a real man would do such a thing, but see, that right there is why I’m leaving.

I don’t want to cheat. I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to lose. But I’m being made to feel like I’m a loser and frankly, it’s getting to me. I’m beginning to feel like the problem is bigger than being her man, it’s stretched over into being any woman’s man. She has me feeling like it doesn’t matter who I meet, that no matter what I do, I’m just not ready to be in a relationship. And maybe she’s right, but how will I know if I stay in this one?

We’re going to break up now, so I can find the answer.

kawawa island.

apparently, is right here in San Francisco. Wishin’ I was on the motherland with Abi.  Or in LA with my bff Queenie.  Or headed to the rock w/ my girl Gail.   Someone take me away, please.

With that said, I’d like to share with you a quote that I read on my girl Nicole’s twitter today.

“I am not what happened to me.  I am what I choose to become.”

Pardon me while I marinate on that for a minute, pick myself up and give myself a quick pep talk.

soul searching.

soul searching and cleaning house….. after these messages, we’ll be right back.

– “kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises…  and you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much.”