Eat, Drink, and be Merry.

Two of my best gals turned the big 3-0 and I spent the weekend with them celebrating life.   I love these girls, and its no wonder because they’re both Scorpios — I don’t DO timid.  

We celebrated their milestones with good food, good drinks, and good company in The City and down in the Napa Valley.   Next week we see Bruno Mars, courtesy of yours truly.  

To my BFF and my Sissie — If you teach me how to make 30 look so good, I’ll teach you how to dougie.  =)  Hope the rest of you had as good a week as I did. 

P.S. All this post-season partying has been detrimental to my fitness.  My jeans told me this weekend they hate me.  Back on my grind TODAY!

“this is not a love story.

this is a story about love.”   — 500 days of summer.  KK, this ones’ for you.

sometimes i feel like my life can’t be true.   things happen to me and to people around me that are straight out of a movie script (but make the best Hellz stories.)  girl falls in love with her guy’s best friend, guy is dating his baby mama’s cousin or girl finds her prince charming and her happily ever after.

the only thing that differentiates real life from movie life is that you can’t always tell who the protagonist is.  you don’t know who you’re supposed to be rooting for, and when you’re waist deep in your own shit, your savior can be the devil or your angel… it just depends on who got their first.  as an outsider, watching these stories unfold is kind of amazing.  even if no one else is watching, you choose sides, imagine the outcome, and cant wait to see what happens next.  case in point…

your story isn’t a love story.  it’s a story about love.  i know the ending i want tho, lemme explain.

that guy you fell head over heels in love with is standing 2 inches away from you.   he’s the same guy who broke your heart, but for some reason, thinking about it now is just a vague memory.  the butterflies in your stomach are making it hard to keep a straight face as “small talk” permeates the space between you.   his hands are on your shoulders, and i can hear your heart fluttering from across the table.

as soon as he leaves, you instantly wish he was still standing there — conversing with you, looking into his eyes, hearing his voice say your name..   he is the realest thing you’ve experienced in a long time.  surprisingly (or not surprisingly) its the same way you felt years ago and it’s written all over your face.   we talk about the way it was then…  dates over hot chocolate, movies with the family.  it was all so surreal and so REAL at the same time. “it was the perfect verse over a tight beat”.

with time, that melody got played out.  the timing was off, the commitment wasn’t whole and it took a long time to accept that you weren’t your prince’s princess.  but you finally did, and you got over it.   and although you never forgot, you pushed it back to a place that wouldn’t stop you from moving on…  so you did.. so you are…

but all of a sudden, with a simple kiss hello, its staring back at you along with his brown eyes.  you remember all of it and in that instant, you’re swept away back to that first night you danced with him.  he took your breath away — he takes your breath away.  your heart skips a beat — no, its making one.  you can’t hear his voice over the boom in your chest– its “the perfect verse over a tight beat“.

this is not a movie.  this is not a test.  and just because he couldn’t be your knight in shining armor then, doesn’t mean he can’t be your happily ever after now.   does it?   after all these years and after all the bullshit, you two are so different, and yet so.. exactly.. the .. SAME.

consequently, life isn’t so easy.   between you are people, places, things, time, life…about a thousand steps, and even more regrets.  to be back in that space where only the two of you existed is just wishful thinking.   but even if you don’t believe you can get there again, i do.  i still have faith… i always have.   i still believe you deserve your happy ending, and i believe its with him.

when u find it, its gonna be the best story i’ll ever write.

one for one.

i first heard about Toms shoes from Soulmate, on one of our random conversations.   Then, I started seeing them everywhere….  when they finally showed up at my favorite store of all time — NORDSTROM, i knew it was time. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Toms, their mission is simple:  

TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we’re all about. –

Africa, Uganda, Haiti, and USA are only some of the countries they donate to.  Here’s why you should buy TOMS  1)  they’re fucking comfortable.  2)  they even come in hobbit sizes [Queenie!].  3) they make a donation with no extra cost to u.  4)  you can choose which country your donation goes to, and  5) i said so.

Today, I bought my first pair of Toms Shoes and chose to have the donated pair go to my home country — the good ol’ US of A.  I am now dancing around the office in them, hoping that the kid who got my donated shoes is dancing too.  One for One.   That shit is amazing.

talent drops panties.

i should know.   that’s how Mike won me over…    lookin thru some videos of him sangin’ and just got reminded on why i fell in love.

a few years back just jammin at a friend’s house

3/5 of ComposurE singin for a family function.  (album drops soon.  dont sleep)

and sometimes, we even like to jooet.  lmao.   (duet for you non-fobs)


for those of you who arent versed in the tagalog language, sayang means “waste”. for example, whitney houston ruined her voice doin all that crack. (oh wait, wasnt she just crack-ish).. therefore she is sayang. the shoes that you bought that just got ruined are sayang. the haircut that cost $100 but you just saw ur single white female rockin the same shit the next day is epic sayang.

do u have a hidden talent? you better say no cuz i believe that no talent should be ‘hidden.’ unfortunately tho, most of it is. i know a lot of people who are freakin amazingly talented.. musically, artistically, great writers, humor, etc etc.. but just sit on their asses and dont do shit about it. that talent.. is fucking sayang.

me n abi are always saying “dont waste the pretty.” but what about not wasting the talent? do you know how much HAPPIER the world would be if people focused on sharing their talent with the rest of us? some people call it a “hobby” or “something they do on the side,” but the people i most admire are those who have actively pursued their passion and applied their talent to create an actual LIFE for themselves.. cuz these people are the only ones i know who are truly living.

they say “find something u love to do and u’ll never have to work another day in ur life.”  and i used to think, gosh if only i was so lucky.   but its not about luck, its about hard work.   its about honing ur skills and turning ur talent into ur craft.   its about the pursuit of happyness.   and i know we’re all tryin to get to that same place, right?

so pull ur talent outta the closet so you dont waste that shit.   or else i’ll be calling u sayang.  which is WAAAAY worse than being called ugly.  lol.