Off the Grid = Off the Hook

Last night, instead of yoga’ing or hitting the gym after work, I decided to extend the gluttony for one more day.  (All this Giant’s celebrating and game watching has been detrimental to my practice.  Next week, crunch time.)

Sissie and I hit Upper Haight for the Thursday Night edition of SF’s Off The Grid.  It was still early and we got to beat the after work rush.  Although, we were still too late for Curry Up Now’s samosas.   Fail.

We DID get to eat the following:

Senor Sisig:

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Senor Sisig, but have yet to try them.   Imagine my excitement to find out they were there, and had no line.  As I’m scoping out the menu, this guy greets me by name.  Turns out my old time friend Gil is Mr. Senor Sisig himself!   He hooked me up with 2 sisig tacos (one pork and one tofu) and MAN that shit was as good as advertised.  Right on, homie!

Chairman Bao

At my last visit to the Fort Mason Off The Grid, the line for the Bun Truck wrapped around the corner.  Plus, they were out of duck!   This time, I made sure it was the first thing I ordered.   You’re lookin’ at the new loves of my life.   Duck Confit Bun with Mango salad and Pork Belly Bun with pickled Daikon.   How do they make this shitso good?  Oh I know….  ancient Chinese secret. 

Hapa SF

I am REALLY picky about my Filipino food. Why? Because no one cooks as well as my (insert family member here).   I have to admit though, Hapa SF’s organic take on traditional favorites are good.   Free range chicken adobo?  With the option of brown rice?  Adobo Banh Mi?   Wowowee, home cookin’ is gettin’ fancy.


Oh the perfect way to end the day. At $3 per cupcake, they were a little pricey, but I’m used to paying just as much at other boutique bakeries.  You’re lookin’ at a perfect Salted Caramel Cupcake and a S’More cupcake, complete with graham cracker crust.   That one was my favorite, I ended up buying 3 more.  

Off The Grid will be doing lunch today at Civic Center, and tonight at Fort Mason.  If you haven’t had a chance to roll through, I suggest you do so.  Bring your friends, your wallet, and an empty stomach

keep running fatty.

i hate doing new years resolutions because i can never seem to stick to them.   EVER.  i’ll say i’m gonna do something, drastically change my life around..  and i start… but usually go back to being old, fat, and unhealthy.  or spending too much money.  idk, people don’t change for, or because of, the new year.  they change for themselves, at any given time, at their own time. 

or, if there’s a large sum of money involved.  

case in point, my friends and i have decided to do a DUBBLOCK BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE.   below is a copy of the email i sent out a couple days ago….   wish me luck and wish  me skinny.  =)

[for the record, i in no way believe that i am FAT. i do, however, believe that i have a lot to work on, and that is what i intend to do.  so pls dont try n preach that you “hate how skinny girls complain about how fat they are” or tell me i’m not “fat.”  i know i’m not.     but i’m not perfect either.    but its about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION]

writing on the running trail next to my nbf's house.

From:  Raaachem
Date:  Mon, 4 Jan 2010 13:40:39-0800
To: Dubblock (32)

Think like the TV show, but brought into our real lives. With the Start of 2010, we all have different goals… Some of us have a little to lose, some a little more. But we are all here to help encourage and motivate each other to reach those healthy goals!

What: This is a 15 week individual weight-loss contest. The purpose of the contest is to be healthy and (of course) look good by the time summer comes around.
When: Initial weigh-in is on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6. The contest officially starts on January 10 and ends APRIL 25 … Just in time for our Dubb Summer Kick Off! (and kickball!)
How to win: This contest is based on percentage lost, not pounds lost. The winner will be determined at the official final weigh-in. The final weigh-in will be on April 25
Winnings: BL contestant entry fee is $50. Skinny people’s side bet entry fee is $25. Winner takes all. (Entry fee is due by Sunday, February 7, Superbowl Sunday)
“Skinny People Side Bet” — Skinny People have a chance to participate too in a side bet. The Skinny people pick a “fat” person to coach and motivate. Should their “fat” person win, they take home the side pot.

All BL correspondence will go up on the blog. Weigh Ins will be EVERY OTHER SUNDAY and the top three names will be placed on the blog.

Are you strong enough to take the challenge? Or will you let the rolls, double chins, and fat jokes take over ur life? Diabetes vs Diet Cokes. The Battle of the Buldge continues…The choice is up to you…

feelin kinda sunday

Sunday Funday.    Sundays are usually lazy days, but when I can summon up enough energy to shower and put on some denim, I make my way out to EAT.   Sunday brunches are the  bizness.

yesterday, we hit up one of my favorite brunch spots – Mercury Lounge.   since Jess was in town, i had to give her  a taste of sisig nachos right?    Lets break it down.

The PlaceMercury Lounge, San Francisco.   Folsom x 12th

The Hype – I’ve heard of this place only thru my friends who work the bar there late night.     My girl Kat works the bar, and the owner of Mercury is good friends w/ my sister-in-law so I was familiar with the name, and the bar.. but not the food.    My girls and I wanted to brunch it one day and we checked out the brunch menu here…  two words – ENDLESS MIMOSAS.   we were set. 


The Review – first of all, i’m a big fan of anyplace that serves endless mimosas.  ever.   thats really all i needed to hear… but!   it turned out too also serve a couple of my favorite things.  SISIG NACHOS for instance.   if you’re not filipino and dont know what sisig is, its like… a party in ur mouth.   grilled pork with onions and jalapeno, perfect over rice and apparently over nachos and drizzled with nacho cheese sauce as well.   For this one dish alone, Lawrence (the owner) is my hero.  


Also, please order the sweet potato fries!    AND the Adobo fried rice (with 2 over easy eggs on top, of course)



The Verdict –  although they serve staples like Joe’s Specials, and Chicken and Waffles, I really recommend the nachos.    like REALLY.   paired with endless mimosas, its perfect pulutan for a morning of gossip with ur favorite gals.  =)    Brunch is from 11-3 on Sundays.    Holla!

Tour de Fat Girl – 808 edition

i’m on oahu twice a year… and even for a travel bug like myself, i keep finding myself coming back here.   i always say i need a break from this place, and then when i feel the ocean breeze and sand under my feet, i realize that i never want to leave. the one thing that keeps me dreaming about the island is the FOOD.  the food is amaaaazzziiinnnggggg….    here’s how this last trip fared in the food department.

my first stop after landing is always always always ZIPPY’S.  chili chicken mix plate!  this place is open 24 hours so it was definitely not our only stop here. the best drunk food, i swear…


up the block on Kapahulu is Leonard’s Bakery.  always stop #2 for the best malasadas ever!  the flavor of the month was Lilikoi custard but you can’t go wrong with original, cinnamon, or even li hing!


DSC_0924 Read More

2for1 – THE LIST

this weekend i tacked two things on THE LIST.  and i am in such food coma that i cannot type an semi-interesting introduction so here.  fish tacos and ice cream = happy Raaach.

From the List – #10. Baja Style fish tacos from Nick’s Crispy Tacos.

The Hype – i’ve actually been here before, but only cuz at night, it turns into a club.  lol. Rouge.  and it was hard for me to believe souch a bougie place could be a taco place during the day. one of my really good girlfriends, Vanessa (whom i wholeheartedly trust with food) had told me about it but i FINALLY got up to driving allllll the way to broadway to get some since i was already heading to the giants game.


the full review of Nick’s and Bi-Rite Cremery after the junp..   Read More

lightweight butthurt

Hayati and I at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last Saturday

Hayati and I at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last Saturday

ok i lie.  i’m on the brink of tears, actually.  why?

cuz i just signed up for the SF STREET FOOD SCAVENGER HUNT.   and i got hella excited cuz i would fucking OWN that shit.   

The Go Game presents: “Go Game Street Food Adventure”

Think you know everything about food in SF? Well, prove it! Over 3 weeks, beginning on August 1st and going all the way THROUGH August 22nd, San Francisco’s best restauranteurs, famous (and infamous) street food vendors, devoted food producers and hidden puzzles will come together to create a labyrinth of food-related challenges for you to navigate. Play in teams (easier to eat more food that way!) or on your own, but make sure you play! The game will take place all over SF, but you will be able to play at your leisure – from home, work or a fancy coffee spot – and the game will lead you to specific street food havens on the weekends! The game will culminate in the Bay’s best day of eating on August 22nd at San Francisco’s first Street Food Festival! At the festival, the final scores will be tallied and bragging rights will be awarded!

i was already recruiting team members and constructing a game plan… and then…  as i’m giving my team a pep talk, i realize that its starts this saturday. 

THIS SATURDAY.  the same Saturday i’m going to American River to go RAFTING.  fool, i dont even swim.   and frankly, i think i’d rather eat around the city than drown in Sacramento!     WAH. 

not only that, but the end of the hunt will be on the creme de la creme of all food festivals.  the SF Street Food Festival!    which is also when i’ll be in Vegas.   is it sad that I’d rather stay home and eat than party like a rockstar in the city of sin?    i’m SERIOUSLY thinking about rearranging my plans for the month.  

with that said, if ANYONE in SF wants to take over my team, holla at me and do me proud.  puh-leeassee.

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** Matt from @sfstreetfood just made my month!   looks like i CAN participate after all.  SF YOU AINT FUCKIN READY.