The Big Eat: SF

so 7×7 posted this list of 100 things to eat and drink before you die.

and being the HEFFER that i am, i went thru the list and surprisingly, i havent heard of over half of these. so along with my fellow heffers, Abi and Queenie, we have decided to eat our way thru San Francisco and this list.

i will be documenting my foodgasms here, but we have started a blog dedicated to our foodventures… WTFat.

and although we’ve already tried a few of these things (which will be blogged later), i thought i’d start off with something that i had last weekend.

From the List – spicy crab and grits from The Front Porch
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can i just say.. WOW. yesterday was absolutely-positively-gloriously gluttonous. i met up with my best girlfriends for the BEST FOOD TOUR ever. seriously, you’ll gain 5 lbs just reading this post.

for brunch, we thought we’d stray from our usual (Stacks or Millbrae Pancake House) and hit up Peter’s Cafe in Millbrae.

we feelin hella hawaii right now since we just got our tickets to the rock, and we just couldnt fight the feeling.


Hawaiian Ribs and eggs

Spam Omelette

Spam Omelette

loco fuckin moco

loco fuckin moco

eggs benedict

eggs benedict

the special over here is this German Baby Pancake which takes 30 min to cook so we thought wed try the cinnamon apple one..

that thing was huuuuuge (thats what she said)

that thing was huuuuuge (thats what she said)

we then headed over to the mall for some froyo at planet yogurt. Adonis LOVED IT!

watermelon and mango son!

watermelon and mango son!

Adonis.  =)

Adonis. =)

so as we sat there and ate froyo, michelle complained that she was gettin hungry again…. so we leave the mall and head to the avenue’s for some muthafuckin Coco’s Crawfish.

thats 1 lb of crawfish, 1 lb of shrimp, hotlinks, and corn in the best garlic butter ever.

thats 1 lb of crawfish, 1 lb of shrimp, hotlinks, and corn in the best garlic butter ever.

did someone say crab?

did someone say crab?

murderized it!

murderized it!

aaaand after all that salty, garlicy, buttery goodness we decided to head to Kowloon Tong to satisfy our sweet tooth. if you dont know, this place is fucking amazing. whoever had the idea to have a dessert cafe with all the fatty goodness is officially my hero.

and THAT would be toast, with peanut butter and condensed milk.  GENIUS.

and THAT would be toast, with peanut butter and condensed milk. GENIUS.

what the french toast!  peanut butter french toast.

what the french toast! peanut butter french toast.

waffle - ice cream- fruit sandwich.

waffle - ice cream- fruit sandwich.

brown sugar and hot tofu fa.

brown sugar and hot tofu fa.

and as we went home and sat on my couch wondering when we should watch The Hangover, we realize that i’m out of La Victoria’s famous Orange Sauce. so we packed the chevy and drove to san jose. if u dont know what would cause rational people to drive 45 minutes for some sauce.. then educate yourself on this shit!

super burrito, orange sauce, and orange soda.

super burrito, orange sauce, and orange soda

super carne asada taco with the best orange sauce on the planet

super carne asada taco with the best orange sauce on the planet

and finally, to not waste our trip into san jose, we drove over to santana row to hit up pinkberry. cuz even tho we had a knock off earlier in the day, it STILL WASNT PINKBERRY.

strawberry, mango, and mochi on original tart!

strawberry, mango, and mochi on original tart!

and TA-MUTHAFUCKIN-DA. 6 food stops in the span of 8 hours. gotta love being friends with fatasses. =)

Tour de FatGirl

what a day what a day. can i just say that going to la for lunch was the best. idea. ever. !!!! as lawn mentioned i was in socal for the day to EAT, EAT, and EAT some more… just wanted to share with u the spots i hit up on my “Tour de FatGirl, LA edition”

we hit up The Griddle on Sunset in which our waiter looked like a skinny josh hartnett. =) img_4516

that, my dear friends, is the “Creme de la Creme French Toast”.. graham cracker crusted, cheesecake topping, orgasm on a plate! seriously, whatever is in that cheesecake topping is crack! 6 mimosas later and i wanted to bathe in it.


Met with Lawn for lunch and had the BEST.BURGER.EVER. at the Golden State. and then said hi to everyone at the Hellz office.


p.s. after leaving the office we proceeded to stand there and gawk on the street as some random guy got arrested. apparently he tried to steal something? and regular people off the street stopped him until the police arrived. one guy even told him that if he ran, he’d let his pit bull loose on his ass! totally renewed my belief that people are good.. =)

my girl anna then twittered her ass away and found the kogi truck at santa monica college. after much anticipation, i decided on 2 short rib tacos, 1 spicy pork taco, and 4 short rib burritos (the burritos are for baon today).. i only have three words for this place. BELIEVE THE HYPE.



lastly, we topped it off with some pinkberry cuz even though they just opened one in the bay, it will always be so LA to me.


Tour de FatGirl 2009 was a success.. until next time LA.. my stomach shall be readyyy!!!!

Chronicles of HEFFERISM, vol 5

its been a while since i’ve done one of these.. so here we go.

currently craving GARLIC SPAM – i’ve only found this shit in Hawaii’s Walmart and gadamn this tastes 10x better than it sounds. and i know it already sounds good right? garlic infused spam? shit, garlic infused anything is grrrreaaatt! i’ll be sure to leave extra space in my suitcase for the cans i plan on bringing back home.

take me back to BOOTS AND KIMO’S – 3 days and counting till i’m back at my all time favorite breakfast spot on Oahu. .. the home of the original macadamia nut pancake sauce, this is always always ALWAYS the first stop on the first morning i wake up on hawaii.. located in a small town called Kailua, its the perfect place to eat, then head to my all time favorite beach.. lanikai. if u make it here, try the pulehu ribs, portugese sausage, corn beef hash omelette, and wash it all down with a side of banana macadamia nut pancakes and some lilikoi juice! i cannot WAIIIT.. if an orgasm on a plate existed, it would be sold at boots.

let me make DAE DAE’S CHEESE PUFFS – named after my girl who makes em, Dana.. she made these for us on Xmas, and again last sunday for superbowl and god, can they be heaven in a fried wrapper??
hella chopped bacon (1 pack)
1 1/2 sticks cream cheese
4 oz sour cream
1 bunch spinach
wonton wrappers
cook bacon till crispy. drain. add spinach, let wilt. add cream cheese and sour cream till melted. wrap in wonton wrapper. deep fry the bitch. garnish with cilantro and serve with spicy sweet n sour sauce. ta-fuckin-da its a party in ur mouth.

i want to try THE FRONT PORCH – the spicy crab and grits made it to 7×7’s SF 100 things to eat and drink before you die… spicy crab? thats like, my all time favorite combination. let me google map that shit n ill tell u about it when i get back.

until next time folks!

chronicles of hefferism vol. 4

currently craving – CHIPOTLE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS. the other day i hit up chevys with tat and queenie and thought i’d try something different. wowoweeee. the chicken had just the right amount of spice in the marinade, and the sauce over the top was milk, creamy, but kicked ur throat as u tried to swallow it down. ganda ganda naman..

take me back to – SATURA CAKES. after doing the breast cancer walk in san jose, and before hitting the spa with my sisters we walked around campbell waiting for our table at stacks.. we stumble upon this bakery that had samples of their french toast at the door. oh sweet jesus christ almighty, i just about had a mini orgasm. this place is an organic bakery that only uses organic ingredients as they bake all their shit fresh on the daily.. from strawberry shortcakes, to green tea cream puffs, cookies, muffins and of course, my favorite french toast. make sure to hit up their campbell, los altos, or hawaii locations.

let me make – BROWNIE BITES. i’ve been making these since i discovered them in the refridgerated section of pak’n’save. Nestle Brownie Bites (in the yellow square packaging). bake at 350 for 11 minutes and sprinkle with a healthy dose of powdered sugar or crack cocaine, whichever you prefer.

i want to try – PAD SEE EW WITH CHILI AND SUGAR. cuz according to abi, its the shit! next time i hit up thai bbq, this will be my order!

chronicles of HEFFERism vol. 3

currently craving – TRISH’S MINI DONUTS. everytime i hit up the wharf i always make a stop at trish’s mini donuts for a bag-o-fun. miniature old fashioned donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar seem to make the sound of seals blissful, and the smell of salty air heaven…maybe next time we have lunch tho, we wont get shitted on by birds!

take me back to – TOYOSE!!. ahhh FINALLY. came here last sunday with abi and kris and let me just say…. this place is the culinary equivalent to a morning wood. kim chee fried rice was the best i’ve ever had, the mussles were to die for. the soju is cracked..made with real fruit (forreal u can see the strawberry seeds in that shit.) did i mention this place is in a garage? but who cares! my taste buds were happyyyyyyy…the next time i’m craving some real food after midnight, i’m driving my ass here…

let me make – SPAM CHIPS. ok. sounds weird, but its so good. slice spam in a mandolin (if u dont have one, get one). deep fry till crispy. best pulutan, or just with rice. god i am sooo filipino.

i want to try – BOB’S DONUT AND PASTRY SHOP. on polk st, i hear the cheese danish and maple cake are something to write home about. sooooo the next time im in the city ill drag my fat ass over this way.