Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

Yesterday was UNREAL.   If you weren’t in downtown SF, I don’t know what to tell you.   Over a million people on the streets, clad head to toe in black and orange.  Confetti falling from the sky scapers in the FiDi with blue skies and temps that rival summer.   Our World Champion San Francisco Giants paraded through our streets, with my entire city there to see ’em.  It was simply MAGICAL.

Since I was smack dab in the middle of the biggest clusterfuck of my life, I could not take my camera out for the life of me.  Bringing you photos courtesy of Darren aka Dirty Magz.  For those of you who bought a DSLR and immediately call urselves “photographers”, LEARN SOMETHING. 

I hella love SF. 


“Life is grand — no, its GIANT.” – Abi

 I remember exactly where I was in 1989 when the Bay Bridge Series was interrupted by The Earthquake.   I remember exactly where I was in 2002 when we blew a 5 run lead.  And I will always remember where I was when my SF Giants won the World Series.

I spent last night glued to a seat at 330 Ritch Street, 2 blocks away from 3rd and King aka AT&T Park.  With KNBR in my ear (HATE FOX commentators) we knew what was happening 15 seconds ahead of the live video feed that was streaming over the 12 big screens on the walls.  Upon raping the open bar, spilling 4 beers, and eating 3 orders of fried chicken, we watched Brian Wilson record the final out of the season.

I heard my entire city scream.

After spilling out into the street, hi-fiving every stranger within an arm’s reach, getting showered with champagne, crying my eyeliner off and losing my voice in the process… it still feels like a dream.  And  I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow for the parade.  =) 

Lets go GIANTS!  *clap clap clapclapclap*

“I got a whole lot of happy.”

“I got a whole lot of happy.” 

These are the words uttered by a 31 year old man from the Dominican Republic after pulling through for his team in the clutch.   Known to the world as Juan Uribe… known to Giant’s fans as Magic Juan. 

Unless you follow me on Twitter, you haven’t heard much from me about my Giants.  I figured I’d let Abi do all the talking, since  you know, she does A LOT of it.

**Hold.  Hold the fuck on.  My coworker just told me that a girl in my department had 2 tickets for last night’s game that she couldn’t sell.  She woulda called me but SHE DIDN’T HAVE MY NUMBER.  God hates me.  I’m convinced.   And continue…**

From the FOX to ESPN, my Giants were ruled out of the running.  I mean, they don’t call AT&T Park the Torture Chamber for nothin’.    Even though our pitching is outstanding, we were no where near “World Series ready.”  Fast forward to right now, when we’re one win away from going to the World Series. 

Shhhhh.  Did you hear that?  That was the sound of FOX and ESPN eating their words as they jump the Giant’s bandwagon.  

You see that pic up there?  Huff Daddy, Ross the Boss (who is the muthafuckin’ SLEEPER of the year), and Big Booty Torres look a whole lot of happy.  Me and my entire city are too. 

Never underestimate the underdog.   WE ARE GIANT.

Giants x LA

It’s been sort of a hectic week for me, coming back from a long weekend and being bombarded at work.  I’m exhausted but, wanted to take a time out to share last weekend with you.  

Friday, I took my Brother and company to watch game 2 of the Giants vs Braves series right here at home for my bro’s 22nd birthday.  Beer and Baseball = LOVE.  There’s NOTHIN’ like a night game at AT&T park.

Saturday – Monday I spent a much needed long weekend in the city of Angels with my angels — The BFF and my LA loves,  Baker, Tee and Anna.  My girlfriends are chicken soup for my soul. 

Sometimes a couple days away full of friends and food is all you need.  In this case, it was everything I needed. 

Por Vida.

Edit:  1st Place in the NL West, Baby!!!  1/2 a game back.  The Giants WILL have a post-season.  I fucking PROMISE. 

Monday’s game had me clinching my ass cheeks till the very last second.  God, I love football.

Purchased my GSW 4-pack yesterday which includes:  Opening Game, Christmas Game, and the MIAMI HEAT Game.   Stoked!

love. hope. FIGHT.

leave it to my crazy home town to host shit like this. for couples and singles alike, or for anyone who just wants to have fun, or let out their love agression on perfect strangers — come join me at the 4th annual Great San Francisco Pillow Fight

1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight!
2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about Pillow Fight!!!
3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow.
4) Don’t hit anyone without a pillow.
5) Don’t hit anyone operating a camera.

For those of you who wanna do somethin’ more traditional, Come and support the MAV foundation for our Love and Hope Charity Fashion show. SO-Cal! The next MAV event will be in sunny San Diego on 4/24 so mark ur calendars! =)

The MAV-Foundation is bringing you our fourth fashion show: Love and Hope.
Interweaved with Valentines’ Day and permeated with the abundance of Love, our mission is simple..   to help those suffering from Leukemia and Lymphoma see the day a cure for their disease is found.  By supporting our vision you can help bring them hope while celebrating love, life and fashion.  
All proceeds from the Love and Hope event will go towards making our hope a reality.   Everyone wants to be a part of something great.   Here is your chance.
Saturday, February 13, 2010
Jillian’s San Francisco
Doors open at 6:00 pm,  show starts at 7:15 pm. 
Hosted by RJ “Kool Raul”, and Jenna “Cocktail” Hernandez
Music provided by Carrion Kid
With special performances by Arnelle Lozada and Jayne Rio
Come and see what’s new for Spring and support your local designers.   Designers include Revelation by M.E. | MADEJewelry | Caty Catrin | Rexy’s Closet in collaboration with Sandy Munio | clothing from Moxsie | Eric Tan | CA Couture | Punky Couture in collaboration with Sons of Nation
Our Sponsors include:  Thick & Thin Printing | Sons of the Nation | XTremes Whites | Bella Nirvana Spa | La Bella Vita Studio | Mercury Lounge |  Revelation by M.E. | MADE Jewelry
Purchase your tickets from Brown Paper Tickets here.   The price is $30 pre-sale for both the fashion show, and the after party, thrown by PapaSF.    You may also purchase tickets to the fashion show only, for $15.   //


yesterday during my 546874354 hours of laziness i had this idea for a blog, but neglected to write it down or document it somehow cuz i’m fucking LAZY and now that i’m actually sitting at a computer to type that shit out, I CANNOT REMEMBER WTF I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT. 


so until i miraculously have a lightbulb and remember wtf i’m supposed to be writing about…  i’ll just share a sneak peek from Saturday’s WTFundraiser.

it was amazing. amazing. amazing.  i am truly humbled to see what we can accomplish together.    big shouts to everyone who made it happen.   abi, we takin over the world.

more pictures coming, soon as the photographers send em my way.  THANK YOU. =)



Jo Koy is HILARIOUS.  youtube him.

Jo Koy is HILARIOUS. youtube him.