drip drip drop.

…there goes an EARGASM.

i hella love SF. the last stop for the Rock the Bells tour was right here at home and i spent all day yesterday in the sun, eating kalua pork, and listening to the best hip hop on the planet. Slick Rick made an appearance, Big Boi turned it out, The Roots got me groovin, and Nas and Damien Marley got me feelin fresh to irie. the crowd was LIVE. i fucking love my city.

if yall were lucky enough to catch this tour, then u know what i’m talkin about. its a summer staple that always gets my mind right. music is life!



buttttttttt… my favorite picture tho, is this one. my asian pose next to the dopest shoes on the planet.


noooooo… not THOSE…. THEEESSEE!




2for1 – THE LIST

this weekend i tacked two things on THE LIST.  and i am in such food coma that i cannot type an semi-interesting introduction so here.  fish tacos and ice cream = happy Raaach.

From the List – #10. Baja Style fish tacos from Nick’s Crispy Tacos.

The Hype – i’ve actually been here before, but only cuz at night, it turns into a club.  lol. Rouge.  and it was hard for me to believe souch a bougie place could be a taco place during the day. one of my really good girlfriends, Vanessa (whom i wholeheartedly trust with food) had told me about it but i FINALLY got up to driving allllll the way to broadway to get some since i was already heading to the giants game.


the full review of Nick’s and Bi-Rite Cremery after the junp..   Read More

lightweight butthurt

Hayati and I at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last Saturday

Hayati and I at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last Saturday

ok i lie.  i’m on the brink of tears, actually.  why?

cuz i just signed up for the SF STREET FOOD SCAVENGER HUNT.   and i got hella excited cuz i would fucking OWN that shit.   

The Go Game presents: “Go Game Street Food Adventure”

Think you know everything about food in SF? Well, prove it! Over 3 weeks, beginning on August 1st and going all the way THROUGH August 22nd, San Francisco’s best restauranteurs, famous (and infamous) street food vendors, devoted food producers and hidden puzzles will come together to create a labyrinth of food-related challenges for you to navigate. Play in teams (easier to eat more food that way!) or on your own, but make sure you play! The game will take place all over SF, but you will be able to play at your leisure – from home, work or a fancy coffee spot – and the game will lead you to specific street food havens on the weekends! The game will culminate in the Bay’s best day of eating on August 22nd at San Francisco’s first Street Food Festival! At the festival, the final scores will be tallied and bragging rights will be awarded!

i was already recruiting team members and constructing a game plan… and then…  as i’m giving my team a pep talk, i realize that its starts this saturday. 

THIS SATURDAY.  the same Saturday i’m going to American River to go RAFTING.  fool, i dont even swim.   and frankly, i think i’d rather eat around the city than drown in Sacramento!     WAH. 

not only that, but the end of the hunt will be on the creme de la creme of all food festivals.  the SF Street Food Festival!    which is also when i’ll be in Vegas.   is it sad that I’d rather stay home and eat than party like a rockstar in the city of sin?    i’m SERIOUSLY thinking about rearranging my plans for the month.  

with that said, if ANYONE in SF wants to take over my team, holla at me and do me proud.  puh-leeassee.

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** Matt from @sfstreetfood just made my month!   looks like i CAN participate after all.  SF YOU AINT FUCKIN READY.