Giants x LA

It’s been sort of a hectic week for me, coming back from a long weekend and being bombarded at work.  I’m exhausted but, wanted to take a time out to share last weekend with you.  

Friday, I took my Brother and company to watch game 2 of the Giants vs Braves series right here at home for my bro’s 22nd birthday.  Beer and Baseball = LOVE.  There’s NOTHIN’ like a night game at AT&T park.

Saturday – Monday I spent a much needed long weekend in the city of Angels with my angels — The BFF and my LA loves,  Baker, Tee and Anna.  My girlfriends are chicken soup for my soul. 

Sometimes a couple days away full of friends and food is all you need.  In this case, it was everything I needed. 


Our trip in pictures.  cuz we’re fucking awesome!    Happy Bachelorette Chey, and a Happy Birthday to Chey and Abi.  

iloveus.  Small kine.

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Hana Hou.

Me and my five pound food baby (seriously, I can’t even suck that shit in anymore) are back from thee most amazing time on the rock.   Give me a few to get situated and I’ll be back with a recap, food pictures, and more of my usual.

Mean, da kine.  Hana Hou.



Jamaica, Jamaica

Jamaica, JAMAICA was amazing. amazing. amazing. AMAZING.

from not being able to get on the flight due to my passport (which had my maiden name on it) to a 10 hour flight, to jumping off cliffs and swimming in the rain, to hours of driving on the wrong side of the road, to the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. from butterflies showing up on command, to the best ocean water i’ve ever been in, to eating jerk and plantains all day, and almost being struck by lightning TWICE. from eating lobster on the beach, to jellyfish stings, climbing waterfalls, bobsledding in the rain, and Pure White Hennessey. from losing passports, to finding passports, to being harassed by, offered herb by, and then proposed to by the locals.  It was more than I ever imagined.

Jamaica, “I had the time of my life.  And I owe it all to you.”


because i’ve been laggin’ like a mothafucka on my LA/SD post, I thought I’d just repost the homie, Digga.   We rolled DEEP to SoCal… And our trip can be summarized with a lil line by Lil Wayne —

“I am on a twenty four hour
Champagne diet
Spillin’ while I’m sippin
I encourage you to try it.”    

Thanks Diggs.

The Bay Invades L.A. (and S.D.!)

We took a trip to Southern California with the Gang this past month. It was to support my group ComposurE for a performance we had at the MAV Foundation Charity Event in San Diego. Some of us flew, the rest of us drove. After briefly settling in, our first order of business was this all-u-can-eat korean bbq spot in LA that Rae suggested. BOMB!

After dinner, Mike yelled out “Pre Party at the Telly!!!” So we grabbed a CASE of Hennessey and a few other bottles of drank for the non-heeem drinkers. Red Cups Galore!

We then proceeded to The Highlands in Hollywood where we were throwing a party featuring our band Feelosophy.

TiffStars suggested this after-hours brazilian eatery in downtown. As we were waiting on a table, we quickly spotted and swarmed on a Dirty Dog (bacon-wrapped hot dog) stand and used the sidewalk in front of a nude bar as our temporary dining area. (hotdog stands in front of a nudie bar? smart lady!)

alcohol makes girls share hot dogs. Aiiiiyyyy!

San Diego: Home of the Carne Asada Fries

Here we are performing at the MAV Foundation Charity Event.

ComposurE. On Broadway.

Immedietly after the show, we all ended up at Confidential located in the heart of the Gaslamp district. Yours truly provided the beats for the evening with Dj’s Mark Marcello and SoSuperSam.

It was an epic weekend and a success from beginning to end.

We live and party like rockstars. True Story.

NYC: the sights.

Empire State of Mind.    Can I just say this was the best. trip. ever.    Bonding with my sisters in our favorite city.   The laughter, the tears, the uncontrollable bouts of tourettes.   From chasing the rodents out of our apartment, and hauling our luggage up 4 flights of stairs.    Walking home at 3 am from a Chocolate Bar and being called “Supercalafrajalisticespialadocious beautiful.”    NYC was good to us. 

I’ll have a seperate entry for the food because thats all we did!   EAT!    Jess, I love you — what other friend would get us lost in Brooklyn, and then call us a car?    =)     This is prolly the most pics I’ve ever posted, but I’m trying to compensate for the lack of posts since I’ve been gone.  Enjoy!