This last weekend my friends and I drove the four hours to Lake Tahoe to celebrate my Mike’s 27th birthday. i had a fucking BLAST. “how bout that drive up?”

The snow was majestic, Heavenly had no lines and the best hot chocolate, and we stayed in the best. cabin. EVER.

Our friends never cease to amaze me.  They always prove that friends = family.   DubLove.

back and on track.

i’m back from a weekend in sin city n sinful play.  i’m back from a couple gluttonous holidays paired with Adonis’ taco truck catered bday party.  I’m back from all of it, and i’m on track to live healthier… better…  i’m on track with all my 2010 projects.. (more to come on that). 

i’m focused.  can’t nobody tell me nothin’.  

signed up for a half marathon, lets see if i can get in shape to do it.  wish me luck.  =)

and for u perv’s, here’s a sneak peek from vegasssssssssss.

[thats charmaine star bitches. shes is so purty in real life. oh and yes, i did see Tera Patrick n she DID sign my book. =) ]

LA, ur beautiful.

I just spent the entire weekend in LA, passed out on MissLawn’s aerobed, eating Korean BBQ, and shopping till I can’t no mo’.

I almost want to move.   Partly because Lawn and Bam have been more than hospitable and I cannot thank them enough for the awesome time I had.   And also because the people in Los Angeles are so goddamn good looking.

Like seriously…  I think I could count the number of short/fat/ugly people I saw on one hand.  Everyone on the street, in the club, and even waiting our tables were at least 5′7″, thin, and absolutely gorgeous!  (Aja, yours is my new favorite face to look at… no homo. lol)

My girl Abi says that they only let us into Hyde on Friday night because of Affirmative Action.  They needed to increase the Asian population. LMAO.  and next to Lamar Odom and his table of ginormous basketball players,  my girl Anna (who stands at 4′10″) looks down right ridiculous.   I think she reached his kneecap… on her tippy toes.

I’ve never felt the urge to put on a dress and heels to hit the liquor store until this weekend and an outfit I would usually never wear until its dark outside, saw the light of day at breakfast over chicken and waffles.

It was amazinggggggggggg.   LA, thank you for emptying my pockets, filling my belly, forcing my vanity, and providing an endless amount of eyecandy.  guess they dont call it the City of Angels for nothin.

Brit, I want to see those pictures!  aaand the gals and I during our Hellz headquarters takeover.

outfit deets: outfit 1) striped top, can’t remember.  F21 blk leggings, Crooks & Castles cardigan / outfit 2) blue F21 silky romper, F21 sheer dots tights, Dolce Vita studded booties / outfit 3) Silence & Noise bold shoulder dress, American apparel Leggigns, Dolce Vita studded booties, LAMB convertible clutch / outfit 4) Hellz Bellz santo top, h&m moto jacket, cheap monday lace denimWTFangs necklace, JC 99 zip wedge (thanks jess!)

Tour de Fat Girl – 808 edition

i’m on oahu twice a year… and even for a travel bug like myself, i keep finding myself coming back here.   i always say i need a break from this place, and then when i feel the ocean breeze and sand under my feet, i realize that i never want to leave. the one thing that keeps me dreaming about the island is the FOOD.  the food is amaaaazzziiinnnggggg….    here’s how this last trip fared in the food department.

my first stop after landing is always always always ZIPPY’S.  chili chicken mix plate!  this place is open 24 hours so it was definitely not our only stop here. the best drunk food, i swear…


up the block on Kapahulu is Leonard’s Bakery.  always stop #2 for the best malasadas ever!  the flavor of the month was Lilikoi custard but you can’t go wrong with original, cinnamon, or even li hing!


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check What The Forks?! for more updates from the girls!


so we’ve been trying to figure out how to share our vancouver trip with u guys, cuz there are just SOOO MANY pictures to choose from and the entire trip was good. we all wanted to give u a specific point of view so we’re each bringing u our top 5 Vancouver moments.

(p.s., as you’ll notice.. my top 5 moments have more to do with my experiences with these girls than Twilight. more important than meeting the cast, or seeing the set, or whatever… were the laughs that made my stomach hurt, the drinks that made my liver run away, and the fun moments that exude awesomeness all around. =)

my top 5 after the jump.

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Tour de FatGirl

what a day what a day. can i just say that going to la for lunch was the best. idea. ever. !!!! as lawn mentioned i was in socal for the day to EAT, EAT, and EAT some more… just wanted to share with u the spots i hit up on my “Tour de FatGirl, LA edition”

we hit up The Griddle on Sunset in which our waiter looked like a skinny josh hartnett. =) img_4516

that, my dear friends, is the “Creme de la Creme French Toast”.. graham cracker crusted, cheesecake topping, orgasm on a plate! seriously, whatever is in that cheesecake topping is crack! 6 mimosas later and i wanted to bathe in it.


Met with Lawn for lunch and had the BEST.BURGER.EVER. at the Golden State. and then said hi to everyone at the Hellz office.


p.s. after leaving the office we proceeded to stand there and gawk on the street as some random guy got arrested. apparently he tried to steal something? and regular people off the street stopped him until the police arrived. one guy even told him that if he ran, he’d let his pit bull loose on his ass! totally renewed my belief that people are good.. =)

my girl anna then twittered her ass away and found the kogi truck at santa monica college. after much anticipation, i decided on 2 short rib tacos, 1 spicy pork taco, and 4 short rib burritos (the burritos are for baon today).. i only have three words for this place. BELIEVE THE HYPE.



lastly, we topped it off with some pinkberry cuz even though they just opened one in the bay, it will always be so LA to me.


Tour de FatGirl 2009 was a success.. until next time LA.. my stomach shall be readyyy!!!!

808’s and surfbreaks

“ho, sista wea u stay?”

its OFFICIAL. i will be in the 808 state with my favorite people for the pro bowl and my hubby’s 26th birthday. persistence pays off… cuz i’ve been waiting to book tickets since october, but i was not about to drop $450 on flight tickets, when last march we paid $300. so we waited. and waited. and waited. and today, they were in the $300+ range, so out came my credit card.

i am such a happy camper today. usually on mondays, god punishes me for having a good weekend, but today.. TODAY is a good day

things i’m looking forward to –

leonards malasadas
chantilly puffs
boots and kimos
waimea falls
the sun
shark’s cove
lanikai (my favoriteee)
ewa beach
dixie grill

i’m too excited to even write a blog with proper engrish and coherent sentences. aaaaahhhhh!!! we rollin 20 deep and its gonna be fuckin MANY. (btw, thats many, like maniacs.. not many, like a lot. get with it people)

sista u like rage um? meeeaan grindz broke da mout! cruisin all day and we stay beach da kine. hemo da panty.. no time, mary no time! hahahaha!!!

dubb, be ready. we gettin hyphy in hawaii. CHUCH.