my current frustrations.

with men –

  • the toilet seat.   its fucking magical.   it folds UP when you need to use it, and down when i need to.   why people with penises insist on peeing with the toilet seat down and think we won’t notice the pee splatter is beyond me.   
  • how is it that all your dirty clothes end up NEXT TO the hamper, instead of INSIDE IT?
  • your jeans end up a perfect figure 8 on the floor where u left them, as if you magically disappeared n ur pants just slid off.   you’re not getting back into them.  put them away.  its been 3 days.
  • more powerful than the words “Please” and “Thank you” is the words ‘I’m sorry”.  learn about it.
  • toilet paper goes in the holder.  not on top of it. 

with drivers –

  • tailgating me won’t force me to drive any faster.  it will only cause me to abruptly brake, causing you to rear end me.   Can you say, SETTLEMENT? 
  • turn your fucking turn signal on.   it takes ONE FINGER and minimal effort to do it.  let the world know what u’re doing so i know wether or not to honk at u or not. 
  • the speed limit is 50.   why are you going 15?   I MEAN WHY?!
  • get off the celly n stop texting.  you’re driving worse than me and i’m a female AND i’m asian. 

with myself –

  • please dedicate more time into creating a healthy lifestyle. i live for food but its making me FAT. 
  • focus.  focus.  focus.   i multitask with the best of em, but its hard to let things go half ass when i ‘m rushed and/or overwhelmed.
  • step away from the cigarettes.  just fucking do it already.
  • quit fucking complaining.  (does this include this post?.  yeah, huh?)

ok. the end. 


over it.

“I’m over it”

How many times have you heard one of ur homies say that? I’m over her, I’m over him, I’m over it — whatever IT may be. And then how many times have you heard that same person bitch, moan, and complain about “it” for the next 5 months, 3 weeks, and 4 hours? Which then proves how NOT over it they are?

It happens. Cuz we’re too nice and too caring and too forgiving and too human. We miss people, we miss places, and we miss the way it used to be. When we were naive and didn’t know any better, before they showed us their ugly side or before we even cared.

While ur reminiscing on the past, we allow her to get under your skin. We listen in horror as he belittles you in front of his friends, or makes you out to be a fool when he says he’s going somewhere but u know he’s going somewhere else.

But you don’t care.
You’re over it.
You shouldn’t care.
But it stings so bad.
You care.
You’re not over it.

And all of a sudden you’re walking home crying, or staying up crying, or texting her at 1 am crying, but either way you’re still crying cuz you’re far from over it. In fact, you’re way under it and that shit is so heavy its suffocating ur soul.

Let me help u build ur bridge because I want to see you happy again. I need to.

oh, is THAT was she’s saying?

you’re a good girl.  you’ve got ur shit together, you dont have a lot of enemies.  you’ve got a good job, another great internship.  life is fucking grand.  but you’ve got this small problem. 

there’s two solutions to this problem, but the thing is, either way you go will either go against every girl code known to woman, or the trust built between good friends.   its a catch 22 and you’re stuck in between a rock and hard place.  what to do.. what to do.

here’s the story.

you and hot guy are really good friends.  hot guy meets hot girl. they become hot boyfriend and girlfriend.  hot girlfriend is crazy and controlling and psycho. (or so hot guy says).  hot  guy cheats with other girls, some hot. some not.  hot  guy cheats with you.  so hot.   hot-psycho-girlfriend befriends you.   hot psycho girlfriend is more of just a regular girl.  you kind of like hot girlfriend.  hot guy cheats with more girls.   you start feeling bad for hot girlfriend.  you think hot girlfriend who has now become your hot girl friend doesnt deserve shitty treatment. 

here’s the dilema.

do you stay out of it and dont say shit to this girl who is head over heels in love with a douchebag?  

or you do the girl a favor and tell her that her man is a cheating, lying, manipulative asshole and severely damage your friendship with him? 

and maybe it would be a different story if she was a bitch or actually psycho like he says she is but either way, no female deserves to be played the fool for three months let alone three years… right?   

consequently, your friend told you these things in confidence.  you’ve built a friendship over a handful of years and although you two have crossed a line, y’all are still good friends.  and even if you did want to stay out of it, you’re already waist deep in it.   you were the other woman!   YOU.  so now what?

yeah, he might have had a “thing” with her FRIEND but it seems like she’s living life without a care in the world.   but she’s also a secret druggie who, while absolutely gorgeous, majorly sucks at life.    and you don’t.  why did you have to be born with  a conscience?   or a functioning brain? 

 i can’t even begin to tell you what I would do because I’ve been the girl who has minded my business and the girl who’s broke the news and STILL felt like the asshole either way.   

and who says she’ll believe u anyway.. love is fucking BLIND.  and ignorant.  and messy as fuck.  but i do believe that doing nothing is the same as doing the wrong thing.  the thing is, how do you determine what the wrong move is?   

what would you do?

bag lady

last night Abi asked me to bare my soul (a.k.a. the contents of my purse) for her.    And although I did a similar post last year, it was fun and i’m doing it again.   so Hayati, here’s the scoop hula hoop.   (u like that one, huh)

bag – purchased from metropark.  tons of zippers, and black leather – just like the rest of my fall/winter wardrobe.

wallet – same wallet i been rockin for the LONGEST TIME, EVER.  Love, Angel, Music, Baby!    first thing i see when i open it is my card for unlimited eyebrow threading for the next three months.  if you dont know, educate urself!  that shit is CLEAN.

“The Lucky One”, by Nicholas Sparks –  bought this book in Hawaii a couple months back and didnt even open it when I was there.  I was having TOO MUCH FUN with the girlies.    so, I thought I’d bring it with me to LA this weekend just in case I had any downtime.  (doubt that)  I really want to read the new Dan Brown book, but my homie let someone else borrow it, even tho I was next in ine (yes Ariel, I’m talking to YOU.  not friends until Justin returns it.  and Justin – unlike, unlike, UNLIKE)

Hello Kitty Bank of America debit card – currently stuck in my book as a bookmark because I was reading, and contemplating buying something on line at the same time.  see, i can multitask! 

Keys- for the Tahoe, my hizzouse, my mom’s house, my in-law’s house, and my snowboard rack.  all on the same Coach Butterfly keychain I’ve had since 2004.

Cannon SD1100 –  cuz i’m still a camera whore.  and I have 5468435468743574 pictures to prove it.  

Monoi Oil – straight from Tahiti thanks to my Bakeries.   It’s currently replaced my hand lotion and hair serum.  right now tho, its frozen cuz its cold, but i sit on it for a little bit to melt the oil again.  lol.  and when under the sun, slather this on ur skin for that lechon/authentic polynesian look.   3 shades darker guaranteed! 

shades – i reflect the light of my own sun.    (right, soulmate?)

cigarette case – cuz the mirrored star that holds my capri’s is sexier than the white cardboard box it usually comes in.  plus, i can touch up my lipstick on that shit.

which brings me to my lip products – lipliner in beet, lipstick in rebel, burt’s beezwax, and concealer.      cuz i wore lipstick the other day and still havent taken em out. 

mini bottled water – cuz my throat be parched like a mofo.

iphone w/ an aaron kraten/hellz cover.   my phone is my life and its lasted me almost 2 years with just a few scratches.  amazing now how my son knows how to work my phone as well as I do.   the smartest kid! 

speaking of Adonis, I have his Jordans in my bag.    he randomly likes to take his shoes off, and then put them back on again.  i dont know why but whenever he sees these he screams “SHOES!  SHOES!” and gets really excited.   yep, thats my son alright.  

and a couple things that were JUST in my bag but didnt make the pic — a tampon (cuz i’m on my rag) and a granola bar (but i just ate it cuz i’m fat). 

th-th-th-th-th-th-th-tha-tha-th-THATS ALL FOLKS!    whats in ur bag?!


I’d like to introduce to you a good friend of mine and my favorite baby mama.   She also happens to be one of the most talented makeup artists and hair stylists I know.

Photo 81

i was  in her company  last week as she prepped my hair for my big perm,  and we started talking about her, her drive, and her passion.

I first met Charrie a few years back and the very first thing I noticed about her was her makeup.  It was absolutely flawless!    Not surprising tho, because she learned to apply makeup on herself at the very young age of 5.    Her love of makeup began here, backstage at competitions, keeping herself busy while mom did costume changes. 

Through the years, she honed in on her skill and continued to practice the art of makeup application.  After joining the MAC team in 2004 she learned new techniques through extensive training and enhanced her creativity.  She became APPLICATION certified while picking up freelance work on the side, such as photo shoots and weddings and other special events.  She is the driving talent force behind John Robert Powers Model and Talent Agency, MILO Model and Talent agency,  Softsheen Carson Tour, Maybelline Cosmetics,, Tsing Tao Expo,, and was published in Hairtrendz magazine.   We’ve also worked together for the MAV Foundation fashion shows (next one coming up 11/28).   She’s not only amazing as an artist, but an amazing friend as well.    

oh, and because we were pregnant together,  our children are now arranged to be married.   lol.  can i just say, she was the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen in my life.  as in EVER.  i mean, there i go lookin like a beached whale, and she’s like… glowing.

Check out the Be.Bella YouTube channel as she shares with you her passion.  Be.Bella is painting faces. molding hair. changing lives.


my project list is ridiculously long.  but instead of feeling overwhelmed, i feel..  EXCITED.  i dont feel like i’m drowning. instead, i feel like i’m thriving!   does that make sense?     and its CRAZY.  

this post is really just for me – as a reminder, as a check list.   cuz if i put this list out there for the world to see, i gotta see em thru cuz i hate sellin wolf tickets.  lol.   motivation…

this morning’s tweet was “Honing my talent into a craft.  Turning my passion into a carrer.”  lessgetit!   

  • new site completion and launch
  • Twilight Movie Night SF edition planning (anyone wanna sponsor us?)
  • Web/Graphic design for new blog layout
  • Boogie Events Co event planning and interviewing
  • Business License/planning for new culinary/vendor venture
  • Marketing ideas for ComposurE, the hubby, and their album release
  • Working on The Book.  my book…  
  • Planning Vacations [cuz i gotta keep my chi in check]
  • keeping my blog game tight for  What The Hellz, WTF, Boogie, and you.
  • Raising the smartest son EH-VER.  [just had to add that in there.  proud mommy indeed]