2for1 – THE LIST

this weekend i tacked two things on THE LIST.  and i am in such food coma that i cannot type an semi-interesting introduction so here.  fish tacos and ice cream = happy Raaach.

From the List – #10. Baja Style fish tacos from Nick’s Crispy Tacos.

The Hype – i’ve actually been here before, but only cuz at night, it turns into a club.  lol. Rouge.  and it was hard for me to believe souch a bougie place could be a taco place during the day. one of my really good girlfriends, Vanessa (whom i wholeheartedly trust with food) had told me about it but i FINALLY got up to driving allllll the way to broadway to get some since i was already heading to the giants game.


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The Big Eat: SF

so 7×7 posted this list of 100 things to eat and drink before you die.

and being the HEFFER that i am, i went thru the list and surprisingly, i havent heard of over half of these. so along with my fellow heffers, Abi and Queenie, we have decided to eat our way thru San Francisco and this list.

i will be documenting my foodgasms here, but we have started a blog dedicated to our foodventures… WTFat.

and although we’ve already tried a few of these things (which will be blogged later), i thought i’d start off with something that i had last weekend.

From the List – spicy crab and grits from The Front Porch
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